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Is Tooth Whitening Laser Treatment Safe? Urbana
There are many advantages to laser treatment when it comes to teeth whitening. It is efficient, a one day procedure. Actually, it takes a few hours to be performed. There is no after treatment required, unlike other methods (i.e. bleaching). So if you get this done, you won’t have to toil at home to maintain your gleaming white teeth.
What happens during the laser teeth whitening? A peroxide solution is applied to your teeth first. Then a light beam or laser is used to trigger the whitening process by breaking down the peroxide. Overall, the success rate for this procedure is high, over 90 percent. Laser teeth whitening even lasts longer than other methods. So with all these pluses, surely there is a minus somewhere? What most are concerned about is the safety.
Some are of the view that using laser on the body is not a good thing. But if it wasn’t safe it would not have gained such wide acceptance. And the laser or light is only used as a catalyst, for a short time. Of course some people may get minor side effects and others may suffer complications if the method is not done properly.
There is no softening of enamel and it does not affect already existing fillings. The substance used in the procedure is hydrogen peroxide which is safe and has been used for many years in the past. The strength of the peroxide solution used is only 15% and does not pose a risk to anyone, unless handled carelessly. Soreness of gums and sensitivity of teeth can occur but this is rare.
So basically there is no evidence to suggest that the method is unsafe. However, it all depends on the individual who is doing the whitening. So be sure to select a reputed clinic and an experienced orthodontist to work on your teeth. When that is the case, you have no cause to worry.
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