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Different Types of Fillings for Your Child's Teeth Texas City
Different types of fillings for your child’s teeth
A dentist will decide to use teeth fillings to restore a tooth, if your child has got a tooth which has got affected due to tooth decay or formation of cavities. By these fillings the dentist tries to bring back the affected tooth to its original shape so that it will be able to perform its normal function. The procedure for filling may require the removing of the dental decay and replacing the part that is damaged with filling material or in some instances a crown.
The dentist will decide on the type of filling in consultation with you, after considering the age and medical history of the child, the condition of the tooth affected and the cost of the procedure.
Types of fillings:
Dental Amalgam filling material
This is a mixture of mercury, copper, zinc, silver and tin. Approximately 50% of the mixture is composed of Mercury. The dental amalgam is long lasting but it may not match the color of the other teeth. Recently, there have been controversies whether mercury should be used in a dental amalgam. But there is no evidence of ill effects, although it has been used for this purpose for more than one hundred years. This is the cheapest  material for tooth fillings.
Composite Resin filling material
This is comprised of a mixture of plastic and minute glass particles. The fillings will match the color of your teeth. This material can be used for direct and indirect fillings. The dentist uses a bright blue light which hardens the soft material when used direct. For indirect use the surface of the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken. The filling is made in the laboratory. The dentist puts the filling in place on a second visit. This is more expensive than amalgam, but cheaper than other types, like cast gold fillings.
Cast Gold Fillings
A mixture of Gold and other metals are used mostly for inlays, outlays and crowns. This is very expensive when compared to dental amalgam and composite resin fillings due to the high cost of gold.
Ceramic fillings
This is made mostly out of porcelain and is used for inlays, outlays and crowns. It is tooth colored. Cost will depend on the type of filling.
Glass Ionomer
This is commonly used for cementation of inlay fillings. The cost is about the cost of composite resin.
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