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About How to Make Friends in Campus

Here are tips on making friends in college and university. These few years will be life changing and hold memories for the rest of your life. College life is about making new friends and having a good time when studying is taken care of.

How to make friends in campus
Most first year campus goers worry about fitting in and making new friends. Meeting new people may seem hard at first but give it time and it becomes much easier than you think. Remember that almost every first year student is new' and effectively no one knows anyone else. Most people are looking to make friends' so don't be afraid to say hi. The amazing thing about campus is that there are so many different types of people' that you are bound to meet a bunch of people you can connect with.

Campus offers a great opportunity for students to form new relationships. It's important to reach out to these opportunities by being friendly' chatty' approachable and easygoing. So the next time you see someone sitting alone in the cafeteria don't hesitate to smile. But remember to open up to people gradually' don't force yourself upon them.

There are lots of ways to meet new friends in campus. Listed below are a few tips to get you started.

• Dorms and class rooms are great places to meet new people. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and see what happens.

• Don't miss orientation. No doubt this can be painstakingly boring' but be sure to attend. Everyone at orientation is looking to find friends therefore students will be easier to approach.

• Attend social gatherings and sports events.

• Throw your own party or just invite people to accompany you for coffee or a bite.

• Join a club. This is a great way to connect with others who share similar interests. Or better yet start your own club.

• Consider joining a sports team.

• Form your own study group or join an existing study group. You'll make new friends and learn better at the same time.

• Many campuses offer leadership opportunities. If you enjoy leadership roles then don't hesitate to take part.

• Consider finding a job on campus. The extra money will come in handy.

• Offer to help a person if they need it. This is the simplest and quickest way to make a friend. You'll be appreciated.

• Work for the campus newsletter or yearbook. These jobs will expose you to a greater number of students.

• Take up volunteer work on and off campus. You will meet more people within your school and at the same time expand your network beyond campus.

Article Summary- Making friends is an integral part of campus life. First' you need to be approachable. It's also good to reach out to others rather than wait for people to come to you. We offer you some simple' practical tips on how you can establish your social circle in campus.

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