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About For Computer Gamers

Learn about computer gamers and what they do to hone their skills. With the introduction of the internet, gaming has become a new and improved technology that serves as a serious past time for the young and old alike.

For computer gamers
The global popularity of Internet has spawned an entire generation of computer game enthusiasts who love to spend their free time in playing a variety of computer games that are available on various websites. Some sites offer freeware games without any charges' while some others ask for a small fee as a subscription.

Some of the best sites for computer gamers are as follows:

ACID-PLAY.COM: This is one of the most popular computer gaming websites that offers nearly one thousand freeware game downloads. It is a dependable website among the many sites that claim to offer free games. The site also presents reviews of every game that is offered along with a rating that helps the user to decide what games to choose for playing.

ALLGAMESATOZ.COM: This is relatively new website compared to others' and offers a lesser number of freeware games. But the games are good and popular' and the popularity of the website is growing everyday.

CAIMAN.US: This is a huge website that plays host to over four thousand computer games. The site is regularly updated with newer games and new versions of old games. Most of the games are offered free of charge.

TAKEGAME.COM: This website has over four hundred game titles' though all of them are not freeware games. It also has some shareware and abandonware game titles. The site has a feature for top games of the month' and for latest game titles.

YTANIUM.COM: This is a well organized website that has nearly three hundred games on offer. There is a brief description provided with each game' along with some screenshots of the game' and ratings of the Ytanium staff as well as general users. Ratings are detailed with a breakdown of graphics' sound' gameplay and overall rating' that enables to user to decide what game would suit him the best.

GAMEHIPPO.COM: It is home to over one thousand rated games. A highly popular website' it offers exclusively freeware games' unlike most other free gaming sites. Each game that is listed on the site is first installed' played' checked and reviewed by the staff of before being offered to the users for download.

MEGAGAMES.COM: This website provides plenty of information on computer game cheat codes' demo games' and patches that are assets to the games. It also has a great section for freeware games that are hosted on the site' and provides links to several other gaming websites.

PLANETFREEPLAY.COM: If you are looking for good quality freeware computer games' then Planet Free Play is an excellent place to be. The site provides easy to use navigation facilities' and boasts of over 1500 freeware and online games that can be downloaded. The game listings at the site provide brief preview screenshots of the games and a brief description too.

NOODAN.COM: This website has some real nice freeware games and free to use online games too. There is a text search facility that enables you to search the game you are looking for.

SUMMARY: Computer games are a global craze especially among teenagers. There is a large number of websites that are dedicated to providing great online gaming opportunity for all. One should choose the best gaming sites for an enjoyable computer gaming experience.

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