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About The Campus Social Life: college social life

Learn about college social life and what it means to belong to a certain group. College is known for parties and wild get together activities. College life is about making new friends and having a good time when studying is taken care of.

The campus social life
Academics may form the basis of your future career but being a good student is not everything if you don't have any other life. For a more satisfying campus stint' you should aim to balance academic responsibilities together with an active social life.

To a freshman' college can be overwhelming. Freshmen aren't accustomed to college schedules' the mountain of homework and the pressure of deadlines. Amidst it all' finding time for a social life may sound impossible. Generally it takes a few semesters to perfect a balance' but soon you will figure out how to find time away from studies. It's all about getting into a groove.

The social life in campus is very different to that in high school. Most campus students live away from home' experiencing an unsupervised lifestyle and independence for the first time. This also means that peer pressure and temptation to engage in activities you normally refrain from are greater in campus. Some people are good at resisting temptation and maintaining a balance between healthy social lives and academic success. If you think you are not one of them' read on:

• First you need to understand what type of person you are. Are you studious or are you a veritable party animal? If it's the former' you have to remind yourself to make time for fun and games. If you belong to the second category' you have to work on your self-control and not get swept away by all the partying at college.

• Select the type of social activities you would like to get involved in. Fun is not about sex' drugs and outrageous behavior' nor is it about joining the campus misfits. Choose moderate activities that represent your likings' style and beliefs. Never let anyone pressurize you into doing something you are not comfortable with.

• Plot your weekly schedule and set aside free time to socialize. For example' you can reserve small time gaps during weekdays and larger gaps during weekends' for enjoyment. But keep in mind that you won't always be able to follow your schedule. For instance you may have an assignment on a deadline' or your favorite rock band is playing in town and you have just received last minute tickets. Allow your self exceptions as long as an overall balance is maintained. Don't rue over any time you may have wasted' it'll just be wasting more of your precious time.

• Finally pay attention to your surroundings. For example if you are easily distracted' choose to spend study time in the library rather than in your dorm room. The chances of you getting disturbed are much less in a library. Also select your dorm wisely. Some dorms are famous for their “life's a party” reputation and some for their “I'm a nerd' I need a life” reputation. Stay away from both. If you find that your surrounding is affecting your balance then do something about it sooner rather than later.

Article Summary- The social life in campus is different to what high school offers. So it's easy to get carried away' unless you know yourself and stick to your values and comfort zone. Students can enjoy campus without resorting to negative behavior.

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