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What is Periodontal Regenerative Therapy and what results can be expected? Sumter
What is Periodontal Regenerative Therapy and what results can be expected?
There are two types of gum tissues in the mouth. One type that surrounds the teeth is firm and is protective by nature. The other type of gum tissue is which lines our cheeks and floor of the mouth and is flexible in nature.
Soft, sticky, colorless film (plaque) is formed constantly on the teeth and gums. If this film is not removed with daily brushing and flossing, it causes gingivitis. If detected at the early stages, the damage can be controlled and reversed since the connective tissues and bone has yet not been affected. If untreated, it can lead to Periodontitis. Over a period of time the plaque will spread and grow below the gum line producing toxins in the bacteria to irritate the gums and form an inflammation which will destroy the bone and the gum tissues that support the teeth. If timely treatment is not given, the condition will deteriorate and cause permanent damage to the teeth and bone.
To rectify the damage caused to the bone supporting the teeth, it will be necessary to resort to a procedure to regenerate lost bone and tissue. Initially, the Periodontist will fold back the gum tissues and remove the disease-causing bacteria. Bone grafts, membranes or tissue forming proteins can be used to stimulate the natural ability to regenerate bone and tissues. There are several options to strengthen the support of your teeth and regenerate the bone to a healthy level. When the bone that supports the teeth is lost due to periodontal disease, the gum starts receding and exposing the roots of the teeth. This will require a periodontal (gum) graft.

Gum Grafting:
This procedure requires that tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth through tiny incision to restore missing thick gum tissue and also to cover roots of teeth that are exposed.
If the bone is damaged it will be necessary to do a bone grafting.
Bone Grafting:
This requires procedures to replace the bone around the teeth. There are three types of bone graft.
1.      Autogenous - bone taken from the patient and transplanted to the area that requires grafting which is considered the best option.
2.      Allograft - either synthetic bone or bone from a bone bank (cadaver bone)
3.      Xenograft - bovine / cow bone
Full periodontal regenerative therapy requires various types of grafting procedures.
What Results Can Be Expected – When the bacteria is eliminated, the damage causing component is non-existent and therefore the periodontal disease is controlled. With the regenerative procedures administered to the gum and bone, it is possible to protect your teeth from further decrease and retain your natural teeth.
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