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Dentistry for children : Importance of an early visit to the dentist Strongsville
Dentistry for children: Importance of an early visit to the dentist
Teeth are a vital part of human body which requires daily care. In years gone by, a visit to the dentist was a nightmare for a child but it has thankfully the concept of dentistry for children have changed tremendously. No longer does the dental office look like a place to fear to visit.  It is now a treat for children to visit a dentist. Children sing, play video games and learn how to brush their teeth together with their favorite cartoon characters. Pediatric dental office is based on the theme of a play land creating and inviting environment for children.
 Periodic check-up of teeth are part and parcel of health care. The American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry recommends that it is important for children to visit their dentist at the age of six months to one year, when the child's first tooth appears, for the following reasons.
1.    To enable the dentist to carefully examine the development of the child’s teeth.
2.    Dental related problems start early in life and therefore, the earlier the better for teeth to be examined.
3.    To protect the child’s teeth against baby bottle tooth decay, gum disease and teeth irritation.
4.    A dentist is able to recommend preventive care for prolonged thumb sucking.
When a child is very young, it is easy for a child to get used to the visits and the dentist.  Of all the reasons, the main concern for an early visit to the dentist is to ensure that the teeth are good and to decide whether any preventive program is necessary. A major concern of the dentist is the possibility of baby bottle tooth decay, caused by continuous nursing from the breasts or a bottle milk, juice and formula given to the baby during naps at night. The tooth enamel is destroyed by the sugars in the liquids given to the baby, which pool around the teeth, which creates acid attacks. With early visits to the dentists, detection and prevention of dental problems will also be handled at an early stage.
Children who have healthy teeth are able to chew their food easily, speak clearly and smile with confidence. It is vital to introduce your child to good dental habits and for these reasons it is important for you to take your children for early visits to the dentists.
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