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Are you having problems with overbite from overgrown front teeth? Springdale
What are overbite teeth? Can overbite teeth be treated?
Overbite teeth occur in a condition in which the upper teeth grow longer and overlap over the lower teeth when the jaws are closed. This condition can cause difficulty in closing the lips over the teeth, thus altering one’s facial appearance for the worse.
While there are several causes for overbite teeth, excessive thumb sucking as a child and/or an underdeveloped lower jaw are two very strong possible factors recognized in those who suffer from this condition. Not only is having a problem with overgrown front teeth not pleasing to your appearance but it can also cause issues such as periodontal disease and TMJ.
Even though treatment for overbite is available at all ages, it is much easier to correct when a person is younger. In most cases where the overbite in not severe it is corrected through use of a retainer or braces.
Braces are applied over the front of the teeth, pushing them back into place and need to be worn over a long period of time for results to be achieved. They are made out of brackets and wires which manipulate the position of teeth and help straiten and align them. Dental retainers are at times used as a follow up treatment to braces. They functions by changing and correcting the width of the jaw over a period of time, completing the final stages of the procedure started with the braces. As retainers are often made out of snugly fitting casts which are applied over the teeth, they help to keep the teeth firmly in position after the braces are taken out. Retainers too, need to be used for a considerable length of time for accurate results to be achieved.
In more severe and drastic cases of overbite, it is necessary to undergo surgery to the jaw to correct the condition. This is obviously a more serious and prolonged treatment which needs to be administered under general anesthesia.
In deciding what treatment is best suited to your particular condition, it is necessary to seek the advice and referrals of an orthodontist who specializes in fixing teeth alignment problems.
As mentioned before, the most important factor to remember if encountering a problem with overbite teeth is to seek treatment as early as possible.
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