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Vending Machine Business

By Ian Henman

Seems simple doesn’t it? You get a few machines you place them somewhere around town, and once a week you go around and re-stock them and collect your money. No fuss no muss just good old fashioned work. It may appear that easy from the outside but the reality of vending is quite the opposite of that.

There are a lot of sharks out there for the kill in the vending business. Primarily they are the re-sellers or distributors of equipment. They show up in shiny shoes, and pitch the American dream of working for yourself you set the hours, employees that accept quarters and work 24 hours a day, when realistically none of them have ever even serviced a vending route before.

Vending like most service or goods driven businesses is about sales. It’s about volume sales of your product whether it be candy, chips, coffee or soda. It’s about the servicing of accounts keeping the machines stocked and in proper working order, ensuring there is change available in the machines. So what do you need to consider if you want to enter the vending business?

How are you with people? Are you a natural sales person? Do you have any trouble tracking down new businesses that open around town to see if they’re going to be in need of a vending supplier? Do you mind working off hours, not the regular 9-5 everyday? Often you may have to service an account when a store is closed, or there are no employees around. Generally this is outside general business hours. Lastly, how do you react to negative situations i.e. a machine is broken and the account needs it fixed now.

These are a few of the traits to consider in yourself before entering the vending business, but the rewards are great for those that succeed and excel in their niche.

For more information about the vending business and vending machines please visit Vending Machine Resources.

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