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Mystery Shopper

Although the name Mystery Shopping may sound a little mysterious the concept behind is absolutely simple. This is where the companies appoint outside contracted mystery shoppers to shop in their business and give them the feedback on what they need to know. It is considered as a swift yet highly effective method of performance evaluation on certain aspects of a business. As a mystery shopper you may undertake a variety of tasks such as opening a bank account, test driving a vehicle, shopping at a department stores, etc. So not only you earn money you get fun as well.

The demand for Mystery Shoppers have increased rapidly in recent times as more and more companies start to understand the importance of quality of customer service. This is mainly triggered by the increment of retail establishment and the fierce competition among them in order to win customers. If you are a bizymom who loves shopping and currently staying at home looking after your children but having extra time to spare, mystery shopping is just for you.

Let’s see what it takes to be a mystery shopper. First and foremost I must tell you that it is unnecessary to pay somebody else to get employed as a mystery shopper. There are many organizations today, which promise to teach you steps to become a mystery shopper and provide you opportunities upon a lump sum registration fee. My advice to you is this is unnecessary since the legitimate companies never charge fees from the mystery shoppers.

Generally you are not required to possess experience to apply for an opportunity. However the type of work provided and the pay might be determined by considering your past track record as a mystery shopper. However you should be an outgoing person who has excellent communication skills since you are expected to actively interact with people. In addition you may need to be competent in your writing since your client may require a report from you at the end of the day. Further they may expect you to possess basic computing skills as it has become a general requirement nowadays.

The registration process as a mystery shopper is quite straightforward today. It may only take you several minutes to fill the form if you do it online. One of the best resources to check is the National Mystery Shopping Providers Association. These types of organization have information on companies which provide mystery shopping opportunities. Even though they are sometimes not up to date, the listed companies are most of the time largest in the industry and most importantly they are genuine. Once you get registered under a company it is advisable to e-mail them displaying your willingness and interest to work as a mystery shopper. You may need to send them your track record in order to convince them. But when you do so make sure that it is error free since “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

As a mystery shopper accept whatever the opportunity you receive including last minute contracts at least in the initial stage. Place equal importance on the quality not only for special projects but also for ordinary projects. Don’t get the habit of delaying the deadlines and when it is unavoidable please inform the company as soon as possible so that they can reschedule. Please remember your success in the future depends a lot on the first impression.

Expand your business in the future. Believe in organic growth. One by one you can recruit mystery shoppers to work under you. Hire an accountant and a lawyer when it gets tough. Enjoy yourself as a mystery shopper.

If you wish to learn more on mystery shopping do not hesitate to follow the links given below.

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