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Medical Transcribers Home Based Business

By Nathian Jackson

The nature of medical transcriber’s work is essential in all hospitals. Medical transcriber’s have to note down the dictated recordings made by physicians and other health care professionals and accordingly transcribe them into history and physical reports, operative reports, pathology reports, summaries, psychiatric and so on.

Medical transcriber plays a major role to keep an accurate record of all aspects of a patient. Their job is to congregate the data connected to the patient in audio/digital format by either using a Dictaphone or voice recorder and then accordingly transcribe it in text. To sum this up in simple words, Medical Transcription is a process of transforming dictations of physicians and other health care professional from audio to written text.

Becoming a medical transcriber is a highly respectable post and is essential in all hospitals. In order to become a successful medical transcriber you need to complete a 1 year certificate course or a 2 years associate’s program. Becoming a medical transcriber is soon turning out to be a highly paid job, though not without its share of difficulties. Transcribing the right information requires a lot of hard work, stress and concentration on part of the medical transcriber. The accuracy in medical transcription is of utmost importance as the transcribed information greatly reflects the future medical strategy of the patient. The poor quality of some of the audio files adds the woes to the performance of many transcribers. However, people are still sticking to the profession considering the high levels of salary they derive just by transcribing the data in text form.

How to become a Medical transcriber?

  • You have to complete a post secondary training in the field of medical transcription, offered by numerous professional schools, community colleges & distance learning programs.
  • Completion of a 1 year certificate course or a 2 years associate’s program including assignments in medical terminology, Anatomy, legal issues, Physiology, Pharmacology, laboratory tests and values, medical equipment and procedures.

In US it’s mandatory for medical professionals to maintain a precise medical record of all the aspects of a patient. The employers from US find it cheaper to outsource transcription work abroad to countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines and Caribbean. There is no doubt that low cost and availability of educated personnel are the primary reasons for outsourcing transcription jobs to these countries.

In the coming years, hospitals will continue to employ a large percentage of medical transcribers thereby resulting in rapid growth of medical transcribers all over.

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