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Pet Photography Business

By Steve Shulenski

So you would love to make money by combining your love of photography and pets by becoming a professional pet photographer. You have a camera, know how to use it and can snap a pretty decent photo but you haven’t a clue as to how you are going to go about finding business.

Well you are about to discover one of the most easy, simple and low cost ways known to get flooded with business and clients fast!

You simply create “Free Portrait Certificates” that you print off on your computer.

Think about it. Who wouldn’t like a free professional portrait of their lovable precious pet? And what pet owner could possibly resist purchasing some of the adorable extra poses you will be taking and showing them?

This is one of the most effective and low cost ways you could ever use to start and market your own full time or part time home based pet photography business.

Once you design and print off your free portrait certificates, whom do you give them to? Why pet owners of course. How do you find hundreds of pet owners without advertising for them? Well there are several very good ways to do it. One of my favorites is setting up a “Joint Venture” with your local pet store or pet groomer.

Your potential customers are already someone else’s customers who are spending their dollars on pet care products and services. You joint venture with those types of businesses and help your local pet store or groomer to please their customers better and “Reward” all those faithful and appreciated customers with a Free 30 minute professional photography session and a “Free 8X10 Professional Portrait” of their pet.

The pet shop or animal groomer wins by looking good to their customers by giving them one of your free portrait certificates. The customer wins by receiving a free portrait of their pet taken by you and you will win more often than not, when the pet owner orders extra pictures of the poses you shot and he or she refers all of their fellow pet loving friends to you for a Free Professional Pet Photography Session and Free Portrait of their own pet dog, cat, bird or exotic pet!

This is an offer to good for most pet lovers to pass up and that is why it can attract all the business you can handle provided you know what you are doing and set things up right so everyone wins! But as good as this offer is it doesn’t even come close to my secret magic marketing system for photographers!

© 2006 Steve Shulenski
This content is provided by Steve Shulenski and may be used only in its entirety with all links included. Steve invites readers interesting in learning more Money Making Photography Tips to visit his websites for more free ideas on starting a Pet Photography Business or an Antique Photography Business.

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