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Before my son was born, I worked in Human Resources and Accounting. I was responsible for payroll and all employee benefits (401(k) administration, insurance, etc.). I also have A/P and A/R experience. I was thinking seriously about starting a bookkeeping service for small businesses in my home. I was not sure how to get started, though, or if anyone would even be interested in using me.

We recently moved to North Carolina from Illinois. I thought my plans were going to be put on hold until we were settled, and I made some contacts. As it turned out, my husband was registering with a professional temp agency. In the course of discussion, he mentioned my background and what I was hoping to do. The representative was very excited because she had been looking for someone for that type of work. She was contacted by a woman with a commercial cleaning business. The woman was very hands on in her business. She was not motivated, however, to do the paperwork. Because she did not have a base office, she needed someone to work in their own home office as a bookkeeper and payroll administrator.

My son just turned one. I hate to think of all the wonderful things I would have missed if I had been forced to work full time away from home. By providing my experience to small "service-oriented" business owners, I can work around my son's schedule. When he is awake, I'm a full time mother and homemaker. When he sleeps, I am a full-charge bookkeeper and payroll administrator. I have the best of both worlds. I realize I will probably have to learn to juggle house and job differently when and if I am blessed with another child, but right now I could not ask for a better situation.

I never would have thought to ask a temp agency if they had such openings for in-home work. The agency representative said it is not the majority of requests they receive by any means, but they do receive requests for home workers often. These calls come in especially for jobs such as typing, typesetting, etc. I encourage anyone with experience in these fields to contact and register with their local temp agencies. The agency I worked through is a very small operation. It's hard to say what kind of work opportunities there may be from any agency, so don't overlook even what may seem to be a "small avenue".
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