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Do you want skin as soft as a baby's? As smooth as silk? Shiny as the stars? It's all possible with natural skin care products from Sircuit Skin! Sircuit skin uses the science of skin care to create beautiful skin from the molecules up! The purpose of this site is to educate women about natural skin care and the anti aging skin care products available today.

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Natural Skin Care treatments change in different weather conditions
Whether you are reading this from Africa or whether you are reading it from America, India or any other place in the world for that matter, you have to keep in mind that natural skin care varies according to climate! It’s just like how you can’t wear a sweater in summer and shorts in winter: similarly, you can’t look after your skin the same way in winter as you do in summer.... 
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Skin types and how PH effect your skin

Wouldn’t you love to look fresh and feel good about how you look? But before you can find the right elixir for eternal youth, you should know about your skin. This would help you choose the most effective product to pamper your skin.

Skin care experts have now identified distinct skin types and formulated products accordingly. The quality of your skin affects how “old” you look; a good reason for you to make skin care an essential part of your daily routine. But hold on… before figuring out how to perk up your skin, you better figure out your skin type for BEST RESULTS.

Normal skin

This skin is the “perfect” skin type: clear, pimple free, soft, smooth and no flakes. Normal skin is neither dry nor greasy. Although such skin may become a little “pimply” during the pre-menstruation period, the rest of the month will see no acne problems. This type of skin is every woman’s dream!

Dry skin

This is one of the more common and MOST DREADED skin types. Such skin is very prone to rapid aging and wrinkles. Your face may even have a thin, papery texture with flaky patches which would most probably appear around mid-day. What more your skin may feel tight after washing it because it’s too small for the face.

Oily Skin

If you have skin which is as shiny as the pots in your kitchen, BEWARE! You have oily, acne-loving skin. Although the skin feels very fresh and oil-free after a wash, the oil attacks your face again by midday. Also your skin may be a far cry from soft and supple; instead it’s probably coarse and thick.

Combination Skin

Sounds strange doesn’t it? But surprisingly, this type of skin looks stretched and flaky around the cheeks but the T-zone, forehead, nose and chin are probably extremely oily. But if you have this type of skin, you have ONE consolation: this is the type of skin which most women have…so you aren’t alone!

Sensitive skin

This is the most fragile skin type which loves to be itchy and irritating for the smallest of reasons. You need to pay plenty of attention to this very “demanding” skin type. If you can’t try cosmetics without a patch test, you DEFINITELY have sensitive skin.

Now that you have figured out your skin type, next in line, you have to understand the importance of knowing how pH, i.e. acidity or alkalinity can affect your skin. No this is not a chemistry lesson; it’s very simple…just keep reading…

The skin is your body’s “cover,” protecting it from a variety of dangers ranging from bacteria to pollutants. A fine, slightly acidic film on your skin surface is the protecting element of your skin. Ideally your skin surface pH should be between 4 and 6.5 but it could differ depending on different areas of the skin. However, if this acid mantle becomes disruptive, damaged or if it loses its acidity, your skin automatically becomes more prone to damage and infection. Repetitive washing with soaps or detergents can severe damage and temporary loss of the acid mantle. But don’t worry; your skin doesn’t kill itself every time you wash it. Instead it (literally) goes into a temporary coma and comes back to life and action only after 14 hours when its pH level is restored. However when the pH level keeps fluctuating, your skin could be easily damaged!

Now that your “skin care” awareness has sky rocketed, pamper your skin so that your bodyguard looks after you well. Have a good time while you are at it too!

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