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Do you want skin as soft as a baby's? As smooth as silk? Shiny as the stars? It's all possible with natural skin care products from Sircuit Skin! Sircuit skin uses the science of skin care to create beautiful skin from the molecules up! The purpose of this site is to educate women about natural skin care and the anti aging skin care products available today.

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Natural Skin Care treatments change in different weather conditions
Whether you are reading this from Africa or whether you are reading it from America, India or any other place in the world for that matter, you have to keep in mind that natural skin care varies according to climate! It’s just like how you can’t wear a sweater in summer and shorts in winter: similarly, you can’t look after your skin the same way in winter as you do in summer.... 
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What affects the level of moisture in skin?

Moisture in skin plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Lack of moisture can cause severe dryness and make your skin become less supple, both of which usually occur during the dry winter months or even during the summer. Your skin can be deprived of moisture for a variety of reasons, ranging from cold winter air to over exposure to the sun. Surprisingly, many people tend to “over clean” themselves with hot water and some extremely harsh soap types which tend to steal away the skin’s natural moisture, thereby damaging it. It’s as simple as how a grape looks shriveled and ugly when you deprive it of its moisture.  Choosing the best skin cleansers for your skin type, is of upmost importance for maintaining moisture and ph balance of the skin. 

The same applies to the pH balance of the skin. Skin pores are made up of a combination of oil and sweat glands, both of which are needed to keep the skin healthy and elastic. A balanced skin type would be a combination of oil and sweat, which together ought to have a pH of about 5.5. This slightly acidic layer on the skin is the body’s first defense mechanism which prevents bacterial growth. However, the acidity of this layer (Acid Mantle) tends to become less acidic and more neutral with age. This reduced acidity provides less defense for the skin from bacteria, making it prone to plenty of infections ranging from acne to dull skin. This makes the skin weak, causing it to lose its firmness, elasticity and general health as a whole.

“Uh, what can I do to stop this?” you would ask…

It’s good to have clean skin, but don’t be paranoid about it! Don’t use harsh soaps, instead go for a moderate cleansing agent. Also remember, there is no point in showering for more than 10 minutes; so cut short to less than 10 minutes and use lukewarm water.

Use a moderately priced moisturizer on your skin. It should ideally seal water to your skin, helping it to stay baby-soft and supple. Without this type of protection on your skin’s surface, water could easily evaporate from your skin, making it dry and flaky. Slosh on the moisturizer after a wash, when your skin is MOST RECEPTIVE.

Drink lots of water. Go for at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will keep you hydrated and ensure that your pH is in balance too. What more, water is essential for absorption of other products that you apply or even the food that you take in. Without water, there would be less absorption.

Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. This will keep away damage from ultraviolet rays, which can not only cause dryness but also wrinkles and fine lines. Keep this in mind, irrespective of whether the weather is hot or cold. This is particularly applicable to fair-skinned individuals who should apply sunscreen EVERYDAY. A better solution is to keep out of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun is at its prime. Or if you wish to go out, slosh on the sunscreen, get on some sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and some clothes which offer MAXIMUM cover for your body…that DOES NOT include shorts or t-shirts, so keep those off the list!

Now that you know how moisture and pH can work havoc on your skin, keep the above easy-to-follow tips in mind and keep that beautiful skin of yours fresh and glowing…your skin is your best friend, LOVE it!

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