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Do you want skin as soft as a baby's? As smooth as silk? Shiny as the stars? It's all possible with natural skin care products from Sircuit Skin! Sircuit skin uses the science of skin care to create beautiful skin from the molecules up! The purpose of this site is to educate women about natural skin care and the anti aging skin care products available today.

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Natural Skin Care treatments change in different weather conditions
Whether you are reading this from Africa or whether you are reading it from America, India or any other place in the world for that matter, you have to keep in mind that natural skin care varies according to climate! It’s just like how you can’t wear a sweater in summer and shorts in winter: similarly, you can’t look after your skin the same way in winter as you do in summer.... 
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Caring for Your Skin Professionally

Although you might be a self-sufficient personality who can look after yourself, as far as your skin is concerned, you truly need some professional care. Professional products can help you remove any traces of previous skin damage, get rid of ongoing skin problems and ensure protection from future damage. This is because they comprise some extremely effective and natural ingredients and formulations which you just can’t get from elsewhere. What more, things can get better if you find yourself a good cosmetic dermatologist who can help you with skin renewal and even removal of wrinkles or sun spots. Professional care can also help get rid of acne and help maintain moisture balance. Let’s look over some ingredients that are used in professional skin care products which make them a wee bit more effective than home-made stuff.

Glycolic Acid

This ingredient helps penetrate right down to the last molecule of your skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and get rid of acne, not only on the face but also on the body. It also helps reduce the size of your skin pores, thereby giving your skin a more tight appearance.


This is a 100% natural extract obtained from plants, which helps improve the general appearance of the skin. What more, it can also reduce the marks of aging, sun exposure, blotchiness and improve your moisture balance, making your skin baby soft.


This is found in a quite a few professional skin care products, many of which use selenium-rich spring water from France. Selenium can help get rid of wrinkly, lined skin and alleviate many common skin problems such dryness, dehydration or even excessive oiliness.


Well if you think copper will peek out of your skin cream looking as shiny as a copper, well…you got it all wrong! In fact, copper is used in the formulation of products from the “Copper Peptide Therapy” line. Copper is known to play a very crucial role in collagen production, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and elastin – all three of which are the ABCs of your skin cells, that’s right, they make up your skin! It can also act as an anti-oxidant, helping the skin repair itself.


This compound comprises of retinoic acid and the active ingredient tretinoin. Retin-A is very much alike to Vitamin A. Retin-A is often found in skin products which attempt to fight acne and wrinkles. This has been around in the skin care industry for over 3 decades...yes it’s as old as you! This ingredient can increase skin and collagen production in your skin and can help reverse a variety of skin conditions ranging from sun exposure to dryness.

Although there are plenty of over-the counter skin care treatment, if you opt for professional skin care products you can surely expect the best of results. This is because when caring for your skin professionally by means of such products, you get the most effective, active and even MOST NATURAL ingredients for improving your skin and solving its problems…go for professional products and end up with professional-looking skin! Good luck!

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Youth Accelerator

Youth Accelerator
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