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Home Based Business Scams  
There are scams allover the world.
Scams have no restrictions.

Internet's Web of Scams

The Internet has made it extremely easy to distribute information to millions of people, including fraudulent business deals and email scams. Fraud and scams are lurking all over the Internet, waiting for innocent victims who will pay or give out their personal details for what they think might be a legitimate business deal. Being aware of what's true and what's not plays a large part in being a responsible citizen of the cyber world.

Home Based Business Scams
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How to protect yourself against Paypal or other phishing scams?

How to protect yourself against Paypal or other phishing scams?

Paypal scams work as follows, where there are several requests visa email asking you to verify you Paypal account details asap or verify your information as Paypal is about to increase your limit.

Here is a way to spot Paypal scams:-

- Check which email address they sent it to. If you are using PayPal you would normally get an email requesting you to verify your details through an email addresses that you usual correspond with them. Don't respond to emails that you get to your Google or Yahoo addresses. Use one exclusive email address for your online transactions including PayPal.

- Check the senders email address. Usually scammer use similar email addresses but there is a difference from the original.

- Check out the information that is requested. If its personal details it could be identity theft, so watch out!

- Do a 'whois' search on the reply email address. This will give you a clear idea if you are genuinely dealing with Paypal or a fake.

There are plenty of other Phishing scams out there and it may find you when you least expect it to, therefore, research and educate yourself on the latest phishing scams as much as possible.

Here are a few tips to help you spot a phishing scam and keep away from it or report it.

- If you think it's a phishing scam delete it immediately

- Install a reliable software package that will block out spam mail

- Once you agree to pay you cannot cancel the transaction, therefore, read between the lines very carefully

- Be careful about emails asking you to make a call to an international number

- Never sign or accept anything that says that you will receive free money

- Never accept anything else that is sent to you for free

- Do not give out personal details to people who give you calls and don't want to identify themselves

- Watch your phone bills as well

- Install a proper virus guide to avoid scam email from automatically installing all sorts of software programmers' in your system and extracting personal data from it. Yes this is possible.

- Never provide details to bank that send out an email. Scammers design their own websites similar to the website of the bank

- Avoid and delete emails you get saying that you have won the lottery, as legitimate lottery company do not ask for details

- Visit the website and check if the site is secure

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