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Home Based Business Scams  
There are scams allover the world.
Scams have no restrictions.

Internet's Web of Scams

The Internet has made it extremely easy to distribute information to millions of people, including fraudulent business deals and email scams. Fraud and scams are lurking all over the Internet, waiting for innocent victims who will pay or give out their personal details for what they think might be a legitimate business deal. Being aware of what's true and what's not plays a large part in being a responsible citizen of the cyber world.

Home Based Business Scams
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How to spot a make money on the internet scam

How to spot a 'make money on the internet' scam

Here are a few tips on how to spot a 'make money on the internet ' scam,

- If there is a fee for joining, subscription or membership, then watch out this site may be a scam. Online job sites that are genuine never a upfront fee. You don't have to pay and work online.

- Does it feature testimonials that are too good to be true. Testimonials on scam sites are always positive and very appealing.

- The contact details and address is not very clear. Check the address out its one way of spotting an internet scam. You may never be able to find the street address or a genuine telephone number. If it's a mobile number then is a sure sign that it's a scam.

- The references and testimonials cannot be checked. There are no contact details given for the testimonials.

- If the word scam is mentioned somewhere in the email or letter then you can be sure it's a scam. The genuine offer never refers to a scam in their introduction letter or email.

- Request for an insurance payment or your credit card details. If you won a prize why should you send money to insure it!

- Are you asked to send money to several people like the pyramid scam. Never even think about offering money to one person let alone 5 or 7.

- The punctuations and spelling are all incorrect. Scammers are famous for atrocious grammar and writing skills.

- You are assured that you will get rich quickly if you follow the advice in the email. There is no such thing as getting rich fast. So don't fall for this line.

- There is not much you have to do. You get paid or get money for not lifting a finger. There is something wrong here.

- Asks for your password. Never give your password out to anyone not event the administrator.

- A generic email. Your name is not mentioned.

- A money back guarantee. Don't believe that you will get your money back.

- Never respond to unsolicited emails. Never reply to these emails as they often have hidden software programs that get installed automatically.

- Advertising a high return for your investments. No one pays you a high return or interest rates on your investments, that totally bogus.

- Request for personal information such as date of birth, age and gender. No one should know your personal details.

- You are informed that you are a winner of free gift or discount coupon. You don't get free gifts for visiting a site neither do you get free coupons because some one likes you.

- Software products are a huge scam. Ignore or delete email that you get offering free software.

- The use of various colours and fonts in the email. This is to make you read the email without hitting the delete button.

- Using messages to entice the reader. Attractive messages such as "you can be a winner" or "you have just won" or "your bank had just credit $$$ to your account" are featured as subject lines for internet scams.

- The offer is for a limited period only. Usually a matter of days.

- The graphics used are the same as in other websites as well.

- The subject lines are very obvious. For instance if it is a bank they will never give the heading to verify your account details
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