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An people and relationship is a relatively long-term association between two or more people.
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About this article: Types of Dating

Learn about the different types of dating and which one you fit in to. Dating can be a complicated issue especially if you haven't done it in a long time. Take the time to be comfortable with yourself and have a good time.

Types of dating

In the past, in certain cultures 'dates' were arranged by a third person, but with time this has changed, and now a 'date' is arranged by the two individuals concerned. The tradition is that the man pays for the date, and after the first date, sometimes by pre-arrangement the couple share expenses, without putting any burden on one party. There are many types of dating:

First date, how the teenagers look forward to this moment. This is a wonderful phase in their lives, and the first experience of feeling grown up and independent. This moment is planned and thought of carefully, and no doubt will hold treasured memories.

Standard date is when two people meet up for a social activity. This type of dating helps them to get to know each other better. This is mostly done with the intention of taking their friendship to a more personal relationship.

Sometimes two couples arrange to meet up at a specific place and at a certain time for fellowship or a movie. This is known as a double date. In this type of dates, all four individuals do not have to know each other. It is a case of strengthening a friendship or introducing one to another.

When two individuals meet up for the first time, it is known as a blind date. This is generally pre-arranged by friends or relatives of the two individuals. Though they may not know each other, they get all the information needed from their friends before meeting up. Quite often this is done hoping that this encounter will develop into a relationship.

Living in the computer era, and many depending on the computer for knowledge and resources, agencies have made use of this opportunity to provide dating services to all those who are seeking a friend or companion, this is called online dating. These establishments provide three different types of services to their clients. First being match-making site. Here, they get a detailed profile from the client and check other profiles in their database to find a suitable candidate and refer back to you. Second facility is Event site. Events such as sports outings, dinners and other social gathering are organized by this establishment, and all those who are registered with them are invited for such event. Here these individuals have the option of seeing them before meeting. Many have also made use of this facility to find their future partner. The third service is Personal site. Here people are given the option of browsing their official website and looking for a partner that matches your profile. All these are money related. The client has to pay the agency for the initial services provided.

Though this would be a convenient way to find a partner, it is important that whatever service one uses, that research is done before entering into deals and negotiations with establishments, as they are in possession of all your personal data. Dating is a wonderful experience, and a moment looked forward to by young and old alike. So make it beautiful for yourself, and cherish each moment and the relationship.
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