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About this article: Seniors and The Problems They Face: Elderly problems

The elderly face many problems that their children cannot comprehend. Counseling and being around others their own age helps. Read about getting older and the challenges we will all have to face of aging.

Seniors and the problems they face

Moms and dads, who toiled and strived to bring up their children have now come to the end of their lives and are all of them able to live in happiness towards the end of their lives? Certainly, not all. It is only a handful of senior citizens who are financially stable or even extremely wealthy and healthy who are able to enjoy life to the fullest as they are void of any responsibilities and with economic stability they possess.

But for most of them, poverty has had the adverse effects at the tail end of their lives. Though some of them are still capable of working in most cases they are not offered jobs. There are also those who are far too senior and should not be working but yet due to lack of finances and no other options they are compelled to work. Would they ever be able to take that well deserved rest or would they have to work until they go their graves?

Poverty impacts so many other aspects. To be able to afford 3 square meal is a luxury for some of them. This is more apparent in developing countries. The seniors are so dependent on their children but the meager earnings the children receive is barely enough for their own families and the parents.

Poverty also impacts a very important aspect of their lives, i.e. health care. In countries where free medical benefits are not available seniors are unable to find means to pay medical insurance or medical bills. If their health requires surgery or any other medical attention short or long term, how will a senior citizen be able to afford it. Are they going to be left to die?

Even to go visiting their friends and relatives and to enjoy their company is a luxury that they can ill afford as they do not have the means to get about nor even afford a taxi. In some countries where public transport is not available to all, they have nothing to keep themselves entertained but to sit at home all day waiting for their Masters call.

It seems as if life has robbed them of their hope. Due to poverty they do not have anything to look forward to. Festivities mean nothing to them as they do not have the means to celebrate.

Due to poverty some senior citizens lose their independence. They live on hand outs and at the mercy of others.

Though they dedicated their whole life to their children, when it is their turn to take care, children sometimes wash their hands off them and parents who are senior citizens are left without dignity. What emotional pain they go through.

If a senior citizen should be critically ill and is in need home care, they would never be able afford such a luxury and what consequences they may have to face would be unimaginable.

The problems a senior citizen has to face are many and what can be hoped is these situations will be addressed in the near future.
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