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An people and relationship is a relatively long-term association between two or more people.
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About this article: Why People Get Divorced: Common reasons for divorce

Learn about common reasons for divorce and why people give up on their marriages. Divorce is a common occurrence these days and many people have gone through at least one divorce. Read about reasons why people just can't make it work.

Why people get divorced

There are a lot of reasons why people get divorced. In the theoretical sense, anyone can get divorced if they want . The number of couples getting divorced is going on a steep upward curve with nearly half of all marriages ending up in divorce. The estimated percentage of marriages that end up in divorce is nearly 49%. There are a couple of countries like Sweden and the Czech Republic where divorce rates are nearly 60%! With such high divorce rates reported around the world, there are many reasons why couples get divorced and, in some cases, there are a combination of reasons. Here are some of the more common reasons why couples hit rock bottom:

1. Getting married too young - Earlier, this used to be the most common reason why couples decide to part ways, but nowadays, many people are waiting some time before they get married. But there are still a number of couples who get married young and grow in different directions when they become older, so divorce is the end result.

2. Different life objectives - Another common cause is when each partner has a set of objectives which are totally different from that of the other partner. One spouse wants children at a particular time in life, while the other one may want to delay having children in order to realize their career aspirations.

3. Infidelity - This one should rank as one of the most common reasons for divorce nowadays. When one of the partners go off track and start having an extra - marital affair, it can be quite hard for the other spouse to forgive and forget. there may be no trust whatsoever between them, which can lead to collapse of the marriage.

4. Financial Problems - This can be touted as another cause as couples feel the dent in their purses. Arguments over how money should be handled or arguing with each other because there isn't a lot of money available can take marriages to the courts for settlement.

5. Abuse (emotional or physical) - When one spouse verbally, emotionally or physically abuses the other partner, or carries out a combination of the abuses mentioned above, it can drive the other partner away. In such cases even counsellors agree that divorce is the best direction for the victim.

6. Irreconcilable differences - What this means is that the couple has reached a point in their marriage when they don't seem to agree to anything at all.Or they agree only to disagree. They also don't really seem to put in any effort to try and mend the differences. At this stage, nothing can be done.

Article Summary- People may have various reasons for getting divorced. We have listed the common issues that can separate a couple who used to be in love. Divorce can be the decision of one party or both parties, depending on the reason for separation.
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