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About Love Yourself First first:-

Learn how you can Love Yourself First first and then become a better person for everyone around you. When you feel good about yourself and take care of yourself, you can be a more positive person that can help others around you too.

Love Yourself First

Most of you have probably heard Whitney Houston sing the words “learning to Love Yourself First, it is the greatest love of all”, and so it is. For most people learning to love themselves is a hard thing to achieve. We need to refill, recharge, and re – energize and replenish ourselves in order to give others and the rest of the world some of our energy and love. But mainly we need to love ourselves first.

There are infinite ways to love and care for ourselves:


An important way to Love Yourself First is to nourish and care for your body: eat healthy food and exercise regularly.


Take breaks and have fun, it may be alone or with a friend take your weekend off for a nice meal out, go dancing or a short vacation.


Be aware of your self – talk [things that you say to yourself inside your head].


Don’t just catch the voice of your inner critic and stop it from beating up on you, reward yourself when you do or say the right things.


Be in practice of using positive affirmation.


Like yourself because you can’t like yourself you can’t Love Yourself First. Be at peace with yourself and be your own best friend.


Ask for a list of things people like about you.


Make a list of the things you like about yourself. Be honest as you can.


Make it a part of your daily routine to praise something in yourself or think about something you like about yourself.


Love Yourself First like a friend.


Make a note every time someone says something nice about you.


Have compassion for yourself.


Recognize that the love has to come from you.


Try to connect to that little child inside, that child who deserves all of your love and acceptance.


Recognize Self- Critical Messages; and talk to them.


Counteract Negative or Critical Thoughts about yourself.


Do comforting and nurturing things for yourself.


Ask yourself what you need to do. Take a moment to ask yourself “what can I can do to help myself feel more compassion and love toward myself?” just let the answer bubble up from inside you.


You can’t force love and you can’t fake it. Loving yourself does not follow the fake you until you make it a philosophy. It has to be real and it has to come from inside.


Parental messages, parental reflections, parental abuse, our decisions based on the previous 3 factors, disowning our own experience, pleasing others/seeking external approval, belief that loving ourselves is not OK, shame and guilt are some of the factors which interfere with us loving ourselves. Try to seek answers for those issues first.


So go ahead. Love Yourself First. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself well. Replenish yourself. You will discover that, the more you Love Yourself First, the more you will be able to give love to others – and the more others will want to be around you and give love back to you. This is a win – win situation. Loving yourself will ultimately benefit the lives of others you encounter, as well as your own life.
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