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About fast dating tips:-

Learn about fast dating and how it can lead you to many different options in partners. The woman sits at a table and different men come and sit in front of them for a certain period of time. Then they try to get to know each other in that amount of time.

Fast Dating Should You Attempt It?

Fast dating or well known as speed dating is a great way for singles to meet and mix. This is how the latest speed dating service works. Speed dating can be arranged individually or by an organization as a Speed dating party with many people. You get to participate in a fast round of short introduction [few minutes per date] but with as many as 25 partners per session. Usually few minutes are given to see your potential date, get a short impression from his looks, voice, accent, dress, self confidence and self esteem, few background information, is enough for you and for them to make a go, there is a facility to discreetly mark your decision on a small card according to their tag identification number for future reference.

Usually these speed dating sessions are taken place at a cool fun bar. Arranged with tables for two, ready for these multi mini dates sessions. Each participant is seated in front of his date and when the host blows the whistle it is a signal to move onto the next date. It goes on and on until you finish all your mini dates.

When you get home, you input the codes names of the partner you liked into the online dating system, you get a second chance to see their pictures and refresh your memory.  After each participant inputted his selections the system makes the final matching of the preference of all participants. Hopefully, at the end of this computerized process you get a list of potential dates you like and likewise were interested in you.

Then it’s up to you to send an email to a partner and set a real quality date. This time there is no stress as you both acknowledged your mutual attraction to each other.

It’s no wonder this method is a hit as it has some notable advantages over some other ways to meet people, like blind dates and pick -  up bars.

But if you’re not quite sure about what you’re going to get to know about your dates you’ll waste every precious minute you have with the person in front of you. Since you only have a short period of time you need to get an idea of their personality and interests to better determine if you’d like to see them again.

There are few things you should know when speed dating:
  1. Emailing the participant you were attracted to is a good icebreaker [especially when the guy is shy]
  2. Wait no more than 3 days after you receive your matches to make the initial contact. If neither of you has contacted the other beyond that period of time, don’t assume the other person is busy.  They probably have put other matches before you. Don’t take it personally. Remember you were just meeting people for a few minutes.
  3. Be careful about giving up your personal information such as work email & phone numbers. Remember, even if the person is nice at first glance, they are a stranger not a friend.
Speed dating is the fast new way to meet other singles especially in this fast moving world. It’s not harmful to give it a try. But remember to give it a good thought before you attempt to speed date. Good luck with your dating experience.
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