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About tips for dealing with separation:-

Dealing with separation is a challenging task and one that takes time to understand. It can be a devastating time in your life, but one that you can learn from and move on from. It will also give everyone involved time to think and heal.

Tips for Dealing with Separation

Divorce is a difficult and awkward time for every member of the family, and every family member may deal with their feelings in different ways. It brings out many negative emotions. Some of these emotions can cause stress that will interfere in our ability to function in our everyday lives. All it takes is being willing to be good to you.  Here are some suggestions for ways of handling your stress during the difficult process of divorce:


- Make sure you pay attention to your emotional needs.

- Keep yourself physically fit.

- Do things that will nurture you emotionally and physically.

- Let go of problems that are beyond your control.

- Give yourself permission to feel.

- Change any expectations you have.

- Don’t make any hasty decisions.

- Be sure to make time for fun.

- Let go and move on.

- Eat well balanced meal.

- Take daily multi - vitamins.

- Do not use alcohol or drugs.

- Expect the rush of emotions [especially when you first meet your ex after the divorce], but try to stay calm.

- Judge with your mind and not your heart.

- Be grateful for your good relationship.

- Remember the bad times but don’t forget the good.

- Look at the bright future.

- Revel in independence.

- Keep your gripes to yourself.

- Say no to seduction.

- Kill him with kindness.

- Get a little mushy. Go ahead and do whatever it takes to achieve everything you’ve always wanted.

- Treat yourself.

- Learn, grow and change.

- Don’t be afraid to talk.

- Talk openly about the present situation and about the future with your kids.

- Focus on your other relationships especially if you have kids take more time to be with them.

- Take your time.

- Live your life.

- Let others support you.

- Finally if your heart is ready, start dating.

Tips for Dealing with Separation proves difficult for many reasons stemming from the physical roller coaster ride of emotions, finances, rejection, failure and loss. Difficulties arise in divorce requiring both spouses to deal with what’s left of a shattered dream. Lack of finances may also affect both partners after divorce. Wives may opt to leave everything behind to get out of a bad marriage. Husbands may find themselves locked out of the home for which his hand work financed. Stability is all swept away through divorce.

Strive to forget the past and put it behind you. Learn to unlock all the doors memory to the painful memories of your past. In your quiet moments, let these words help you to meditate and get a balanced calm mind and soul. It is easier than you think. Sun does shine again after divorce, so explore the new life in your hands, Good luck.
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