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About afraid of relationships or love:-

There are some people who are afraid of relationships and being in a committed relationship. Learn how you can deal with this if you have similar fears and don't know what to do about it. Getting advice is a good way to start.

Afraid of Relationships or Love states that people are Afraid of Relationships or Love because a lot of people are afraid of getting rejected and getting their feelings hurt.

There’s a difference between love and in love. How do you define ‘being in love’? We could say that to care more about someone than you care about yourself, or anything else. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. You’d let them go if you had to, if it was what they needed to be happy. What people dislike about love is that the idea that the feeling will go away, or be taken away – that it will end. It’s almost like you’re afraid to be happy and stay in love, because you feel that you should prepare yourself for the day it will all be gone.

“So, it’s normal to pressure yourself away from love, it’s normal to want to seclude yourself and avoid ever being placed in such a situation a second or third time. With each strike, it becomes harder and harder to recover” that’s what most of us think and that’s what make us Afraid of Relationships or Love.

Love comes and it goes. Love is putting down any barriers and letting someone inside of your heart.  It takes courage to give someone your heart and trust them with it. Many of us become afraid of putting our heart out there especially if it’s been torn apart in a previous relationship.

Many of us become afraid of love because we’re tired of being hurt. Some of us don’t ever want to experience being hurt again. Because it takes too much time to get over it. The amount of time it takes to fall in love compared to the time it takes to try and heal a broken heart is far too much. Our hearts will open up extremely quickly to love someone, but when it becomes broken it will not open up as fast anymore. That is what will make us Afraid of Relationships or Love again. No one wants to be hurt.

We may be Afraid of Relationships or Love again, but we won’t dismiss the possibility. We can’t control when we fall in love because love just happens. Love will sneak up on you when you least expect it. Love is innocent and does not hurt. It only hurts when the one you love takes their love away. This is what makes us Afraid of Relationships or Love.

Eventually, we have to get over being afraid. There’s not one person that wants to wake up and find that you’re all alone.  That’s the risk that we take when we choose to love. May be we can say that the act of love itself is a risk. It’s probably one of the only risk in life that everyone is willing totake for a chance at being happy. I guess you can say that life is a risk.
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