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About successful marriage tips:- offers you successful marriage tips and ideas to help you keep your marriage a success. It's hard work being married, so everyone involved needs to contribute and do their best to make sure the relationship stays positive.

Successful Marriage Tips

The first thing you should ask yourself is why is your husband so jealous? What is the reason for his insecurity? While you should try to be compassionate about your husband’s feelings, you also have to understand that it is unfair for him to take out his troubled past on you and your marriage. If your husband has been married before or had other serious relationships, how and why did those relationships end? If your husband has been cheated on in his past, you may be paying for the sins of his former flames, and that is just categorically unacceptable. Your husband owes it to you to respect you as an individual; you do not deserve to be measured against other women that have been in his life. Your husband is unsure of himself. He is not convinced that he is good enough to keep you interested. He can’t believe that you would actually be able to be true to him. These are his issues, and he has to address them so that your marriage doesn’t suffer.

Jealousy is Insecurity. This is an important point. Feelings of jealousy always appear to stem from one’s sense that something about their life is not secure; it is uncertain or in danger.

In some cases, the insecurity is not found on realistic dangers to the relationship. If that is really the case, then you [the jealous partner] may wish to wish to consider where your insecurities are coming from. Solving those sorts of insecurities isn’t easy, but until you do you’ll continue to face those feelings.

The last thing that you want to do is fight fire with fire. If you have a jealous husband, that doesn’t mean that you should become a jealous wife. Two wrongs don’t make a right. In fact, you should point out to your husband that you respect him enough to trust him. Reassure him that you love him, and only him, and let him know that it deeply hurts you that he cannot put his trust and faith in you and your union. If he is not willing to take steps towards changing his jealous ways, then you should find your way out the door.

Some people are excellent at burying their insecurities, but this should not be the case in marriage. Everybody needs some appraisal and appreciation for everything that they do in the relationship. They need to hear that they are loved without any conditions.

Lack of confidence holds come people back from seeking out the ways to make their marriage work. It is important for every spouse to make their partners believe in their own abilities by praising them more often and by giving them the love and affection that they deserve.

Once insecurities are eased, marriage will definitely last. Keep in mind that insecurity may not be absolutely eliminated but by praise, reassurance, and open communication, the marriage will be successful.
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