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In Historic Downtown Wake Forest Visit the Past and Enjoy Visiting & Dining At The Cotton Company ~ bob johnson

 One unique town well worth visiting to shop and dine is 1 mile from the Raleigh City Limits.  Its Wake Forest, N.C. and is served by the Raleigh Bus System and most times the rides are free.


   The charm of this historic downtown remains and directly parallel to the historic downtown is the original site of Wake Forest University.  Still a gloriful splendor of a campus well maintained by Southeastern Baptist Seminary, which remainded behind as WFU moved to Winston Salem, N.C.  in 1953.   The confusion continues to reign if you say you've been to Wake Forest, N.C.  "Oh did you go to WFU?" will be a very common response.  The first female college graduates, first female medical grads and law school grads started it all in Wake Forest, N.C.

     Often the downtown is referenced as "BCC" or "ACC" which is a way of describing the town "before" and "after" The Cotton Company arrived in the historic district.  Through work by the owners of The Cotton Company and the efforts of Kathryn Drake, then pres. of the Wake Forest Historic Society, the downtown was placed on the National Historic Registry.  The Cotton Company began an uptick in the retail restoration of the downtown area.  Many stores have now taken residence in downtown but originally started in the business incubator the Cotton Company provided.


   The owners of The Cotton Company, Bob & Elizabeth Johnson, were infatuated with the wonderful charm the downtown offered and referred to it by comparing to Napa Valley in Ca. except "there are plenty more people around and even more charm and higher incomes"!!  They relocated their family and business to the historic downtown.  The desire to shop and live in such a charming area lead them to invest in the downtown area, with The Cotton Company being the anchor retail tenant.  On the side of the Cotton Company is a very beautiful mural, created by local charter school students of Franklin Academy which depicts the history of the town.  This project funded by local charity, The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment. 


  Can you find once here:  who is the gold ball and clubs for?  ( Hint: photo inside the Cotton Company where he celebrated his 70th birthday with a party of old college friends. Mural at The Cotton Company Depicting History of Wake Forest, N.C.

   Why are there cows grazing?  

   Like "hot dogs" then got to find Shorty's ( since 1919 )

   Why the patriot hat?

    Inside The Cotton Company ask for the "key" to the mural and learn some interesting history.






    But the change is to get back to years gone by, when the students of Wake Forest College were still in town, lived on the main street, and the town was alive and hopping.   Enjoy this video of a look back to the historic town, circa 1939.



Bob & Elizabeth Johnson

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