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Becoming A Self Publisher

Self publishing is the publishing of books and other media by authors of those works, rather than by established, third party publishers. When we consider this area of publishing, it is clear that modern publication technologies such as, desktop publishing, xerography, print on demand, etc have made this more common in the publication industry. There are number of reasons that writers choose to self publish. In the following sections of this article, you will find detailed information about those factors as well as other business elements that you will need to consider for business success.

As stated in the above paragraph, there are number of reason that writer decide to go ahead with self publishing. Wikipedia has provided a very interesting list of reasons as to why self publishing has become more popular in the market.

  • Author is unknown and does not have substantial resume
  • Author wished to obtain a large percentage return from retail sales
  • Addresses an obscure topic in which few people are interested in
  • Author wishes to retail complete editorial control over content
  • Popular topic but of interest only in a small geographical area
  • Content is controversial enough that publishers do not wish to be associated with it, etc

Due to these reasons, self publishing is becoming more and more popular in the market and further, this has major benefits to the authors in the long run as well. However, particular attention on the actual publication process should also be considered significantly.

Since all the publications work has to be done by your self, it is a must that you have proper printing facilities with your possession. Attention to quality would be the main area that you would have to concentrate on this. Ability to afford the required facilities, machinery, etc will also have to be considered. Further, if large scale printing is required, hiring of extra staff and people that have the knowledge and experience in handling printing machinery, etc will also be needed. The main target should be the quality of the output. Usage of low quality material to cut down on cost can seriously affect the level of customer satisfaction and this would result in a negative impact on sales, image, etc.

Once we have gone through all the above explanations, it is clear that self publishing is an area that any author can invest in without being subjected to variety of complex issues. With the benefits that can be gained by this, this can clearly be identified as an area that any author may consider investing in.

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