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How I Started KinderGuide

By Loy Dakwa

I became a voracious reader of parenting magazines after the birth of my first child. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Poussaint, I had read all their columns. The one thing all these magazines had in common was a national audience. What about information parents needed from their own communities? As I began to think about the resources that my community had to offer and the nonexistence of a media that brought them together, the idea of KinderGuide was born. A free local parenting magazine funded by community resources.

I was now the mother of two boys, at the time, ages 4 and 2 and wanted to be with them for the major part of their day. Publishing a community parenting magazine from my home, that could offer me an income, was the perfect business opportunity. Since my children were young and my experience was limited to their developmental stage, I decided to focus on the parents of babies through kindergarten age group.

I put my marketing resources together and with some credit card financing was able to publish the first issue of ten thousand copies in one month. It was a lot of hard work networking among businesses and parenting groups but it has paid off.

Initially, the goal for which I wanted to be at home--being with my children-- seemed unachievable. I had to seek child care for my boys to enable me time to break ground with sponsoring organizations.

However, as time passed by and the associations I had developed grew more confident in me, I was able be at home more frequently with my children since most transactions occur by phone or mail.

I presently have a third child, now eight months old, and have become so accustomed to my home office and being with my kids that I simply could not leave.

KinderGuide has been personally rewarding since I pass on information that I have found useful for my family to other parents and care givers.

Loy Dakwa

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