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Parenting and Kids

Barbara Beery
Scott Lancaster
Interview with Barbara Beery
Audio Podcasts
A fun-filled interview with Susan Hutson and Barbara Beery from "Batter Up Kids" talking about how beneficial cooking with kids is for both the grown ups and the kids!
About Barbara and how Batter Up Kids started
At what age should moms start cooking with thier kids? Barbara advices
The many skills children learn from cooking from academical skills
to relatiohship building
Who is more interested in cooking? Boys or girls? Susan & Barbara agree on how to bring boys back to the nest a little more often!
Barbaras new books, website and future plans of Batter Up Kids exciting news
of upcoming features and events
Interview with Scott Lancaster
Audio Podcasts
A fun-filled interview with Susan Hutson and Scott Lancester
from DIYfather.com talking about a father's
guide to parenting.
DIYfather.com, the dads behind the site and the changing role of dad in the
parenting spectrum
Most important quality a dad should have, how fathers are fathered, next
generation dads
'Call Me Dad' the new book for new dads & all dads, written to peak the interest of men who don't have time for books plus the dad perspective of taking care of babies (what do I do with this bomb?!)
Where to buy 'Call Me Dad' and the fun in being both mom or dad
Poular Topics
About Barbara
Who is more interested
Barbara's new books
Dad in the parenting spectrum
Where to buy 'Call Me Dad'
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