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Porcelain laminate veneers: Pre-veneer treatments to Consider Placentia
Porcelain laminate veneers Pre-veneer treatments to Consider
Porcelain laminate veneers refer to a one of the most popular solutions being widely used in cosmetic dentistry today. From superstars to sportspeople, from the youthful to the mature, a cross section of aspirants to a beautiful smile, favour the porcelain veneer as an option.
Covering an ugly set of discoloured or chipped teeth is one problem that is addressed by porcelain veneers. Additionally misshapen teeth which spoil the symmetry and uniformity of your teeth can be shaped and covered.
In comparison to crowns and caps, bleaching and whitening, bonding and other cosmetic dentistry procedures which enhance the look of your teeth and restore a sparkle to your smile, porcelain veneers have several advantages:

Stain resistance
Translucence on par with a natural tooth
Speedy process
Generally very little preparation

These factors usually cause the ‘bright smile seeker’ to opt for a porcelain veneer rather than other methods.
A further benefit of a veneer is the possibility of rectifying badly aligned teeth that are out of place and leave gaps. This is an especially ‘quick fix’ that is sometimes referred to an ‘instant brace’ or ‘instant orthodontics’ and has its attraction in dealing quickly with a problem that would otherwise have taken months to set right – to say nothing of the discomfort and unsightly appearance.
In spite of this speedy solution being a pleasant prospect, causing many to opt for veneers rather than the conventional braces, expert cosmetic dentists suggest that orthodontics is an essential pre-veneer treatment to consider in some cases.  Certain patients that require a brace can much better benefit from subsequently getting porcelain veneers after orthodontics has been used to correct the teeth.
Preparation of teeth for veneers which is generally a simple process of removing a fine layer of enamel from the tooth to ensure strong bonding, can be a much more complicated process in the case of badly aligned teeth and shaping them to produce an even smile. A good cosmetic dentist will try to save as much of your own tooth as possible.
Which is why, they do advise orthodontics as a pre-veneer treatment, even though it may prolong the process of achieving a lovely set of teeth. The bottom line, they say, is to do whatever is takes to do what is best for their patient, and consider both the health of the teeth as well as the appearance.
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