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Pet Care

Pet Sitting Service Business

By Allison Thompson

What more could you want from life, with your love of animals, wouldn’t it be worth considering setting up a pet sitting business. There are many people around you who have to travel for business or pleasure and are not able to take their pets with them and do not want to put them into a boarding kennel, and this is where you come in. A pet sitting business consists of the owner of the business going to the home where the pet lives each day and making sure that they are fed, watered, exercised (take them for walks), clean up any mess they may have caused and let them socialize.

The first thing you will need to look at is getting all the correct licenses and paperwork to run the business and you will need to check with your local government offices to see what actual documentation you need to operate a pet sitting business. You will also need to ensure that you have the right insurance and be correctly bonded as well. The people who will be looking to use your services will need to know that your trustworthy, and that their homes will be protected against theft or damage. Also a number of clients will need to know that they will not be liable if you happen to get bitten or scratched by their pet(s).

So once you have got all the right licensing and insurance in place it is time to start marketing your business. When first starting out it is good to consider a few low cost ways in which to put word out about your business, certainly both the local Yellow Pages and newspapers are a good place to begin. You may even decide to print up some colourful flyers and post them on local noticeboards in your area or ask if you can place one in your local supermarket, dry cleaners or launderettes. Better still if there is a pet store close to where you live then see if they will allow you to put up an advert there. It may be a good idea also to contact any dog groomers in your area and you will probably find that these people are more than happy to trade advertising with you, for example they can suggest you as a good pet sitting business to their clients and you can suggest them to your clients.
Next you will need to look at the type of supplies you may need, but this shouldn’t be many. Many pet owners will be responsible for providing all food, water, treats, collars and leashes that you require as well as any other supplies that their pet needs. However, it is a good idea to bring along a treat or toy for the pet in question so that they associate your visits with being good, but ensure that you get the owner’s permission prior to bringing anything with you. You will find that a lot of pets become quite stressed when their owners have gone away and so by providing them with a special treat or a nice game of fetch, you will find that this helps to reduce the anxiety the pet is feeling.

The rates you charge should be dependent on the area of the country where you are living and the number of animals that you will be caring for at any one time. Certainly in areas where it is considered to be middle to upper class in the area they people seem quite happy to pay $25 or more for the services of a qualified pet sitter, and as you can see that this will add up to a large amount if you clientele base is big.

So as long as you provide your clients will a quality and trustworthy service they will return and even refer friends and family to you as well, and this is the surest way of making sure that your business thrives.

Allison Thompson, a work from home, who is now an expert author in her own right. She along with her husband have developed a number of sites which will hopefully help people to look at ways of earning an income or a second income from the internet. If you would like to learn more please visit

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