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Pet Care

How To Treat Doggies

By Linda Vines

Do you have a K-9 member of your family whom you love, and thought it would be nice to give him more variety in his doggy treats? And would you like to make those treats yourself?

I often wondered what the ingredients were that went into these store bought doggie treats. So I did a little research and found out that a lot of the ingredients in these treats are what we have in our kitchen cabinet. I did a little more research and found out you can buy homemade doggie treats from people that will be glad to make them for you and ship them to you for a pretty penny! After continuing my research, I found a few recipes that people were willing to give out. That's when I started making them for my dog, Charlie.

"Charlie" is my West Highland White Terrier. My husband gave him to me when he was a little puppy, and he is now going on 3 years old. When my husband went to pick him out, he asked for the most rambunctious one in the litter. We got more than that, because rambunctious is a very mild word for Charlie. Our two sons sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him.

When I first started making treats for Charlie, my family thought I was nuts! But you see, I love to cook for my family, and since Charlie is definitely part of the family, I started cooking for him too. I must say, my husband and our two boys got a little jealous because I was spending so much time cooking these treats and writing, but I'm blessed to have such an understanding family. That's part of the joy about working at home -- you can put things away for a while to spend time with your family. To me, your family should always come first. Now there was a time or two that my family thought I was cooking for them. I remember one time when I was cooking some treats to try out on Charlie -- they were beef twists. You roll them out and twist them and they look really good! I sat them on the kitchen counter to cool down and a few minutes later my husband called from the kitchen, "Hey, these are good! What are they?" I went to the kitchen only to discover several of Charlie's treats were gone. I looked at my husband and he had his mouth full. Trying to keep a straight face, I told him they were doggie treats." His reply was "I'm jealous." That was the time I realized I needed to put my writing up and pay a little more attention to my family's hunger pains! My family has really supported me while I was doing this, and when you have your family's support, you feel like you can accomplish anything!

Charlie and I have really enjoyed working on this little project and now, my family doesn't think I'm nuts anymore

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