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Personal Grants  
Certain states and counties offer personal grants for tax payors. Grant categories can include education, utilities, housing and healthcare.

Personal Grants and You

There are many types of grants out there and this section look at what personal grants are all about. Read the informative articles on what personal grants are, what is available and from where, and what is required of you to apply for them. Be sure to carefully read through the conditions and terms so that you know how to write for them.

Personal grants for Housing & Health
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Personal Grants and You

Learn about personal grants and what you can achieve by applying for and being awarded them. Read what personal grants are all about, what is available and how you can choose the correct categories that suit your needs and requirements.

Are you eligible for government grants for first time home buyers?
If you’re looking to buy a house for the first time but do not have enough finances' government grants first time home buyers is the ideal solution. These housing grants will be available to you through your local government agencies as well as the state government.

Buying a house is a huge investment which most people find difficult to make. It will be an even more difficult task especially if you’re buying the house for the first time. This is mostly because you have to fund the entire value of the house from scratch unlike in the case of selling a house you already have and moving on to a new one; you can use the sales proceeds from the old house to finance part of the purchase price of the new house. But with these government grants for first time home buyers' even if you’re earning a low income buying a house for the first time would not be such a big problem.

These government grants for first time home buyers can be extremely beneficial for low income earners because unlike loans' you don’t need to pay back the grants. Only individuals or families who truly cannot afford to buy a house will get these grants. For this purpose' if you’re applying for a first time home buyers grant' you will need to prove to a panel of experts through your application that you qualify to receive these grants.

Even if you’re not buying a house for the first time' there are various other mortgage grants and real estate grants that are available to you. For example' home renovation grants' energy-efficient upgrade grants and so on. Read More
Featured Articles
There are many low income families and individuals who apply for healthcare grants on a regular basis. However' some of them become victims of scams and end up not getting their grant money and investing their time in a fruitless process. If you want to make sure that this doesnít happen to you too' you need to ensure that you have a thorough knowledge about the application and submission process for healthcare... The U.S government helps out the citizens of California by providing them with free California housing grants for the purpose of buying houses. Building a house can be a very hectic and expensive process. Also in these times of financial difficulties where most people are trying so hard to survive on a daily basis' the chances of them undertaking a long term investment such as building a house is very rare.
Conducting a health promotion program is a really useful way of utilizing the money received from health grants. The art of health promotion comprises of enabling a person to increase control over his/her health and its determinants which will result in improved health. Health promotion mainly revolves around health education and social marketing. Did you know that if you canít afford to build or renovate your house on your own' you can get financial assistance from the government? Yes' a federal housing grant will provide you with free cash to assist you financially on anything related to your housing needs. With rising interest rates and monthly payments' mortgage is out of the question during these difficult financial...
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