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Natural Skin Care Products & You

There is a lot of hype when it comes to skin care and
beauty products, especially when the words "natural skin
care products" are used. Do you know the difference
between natural and organic products? This section will
give you details about the different types of natural skin
care products and how they benefit your skin and your
overall health. Using natural products will reduce the
amount of toxins entering your body.

Natural Anti Aging Skin Care
How do natural hair salons differ
from standard, chain salons
Preservatives in natural health and beauty products
Natural Anti Aging Skin CareHair care salons all over the world are becoming as popular as ever. This is mostly because more and more people, regardless of sex, are now becoming aware of the importance of hair care. While salons vastly differ from each other based on the services offered, some of them differ based on the products they offer, as well. Natural hair care salons differ from the rest, because of this latter reason. Natural Anti Aging Skin CareNatural health and beauty products are fast replacing products made by chemicals. Cosmetics used prior to the introduction of natural products have proved that there are adverse effects on users. Preservatives are used to lengthen the shelf life of a product by either killing...
Causes of dry skin and the importance of a natural skin moisturizer Insightful tips for african american natural hair care
Natural Anti Aging Skin CareA dry skin problem makes you uncomfortable and at times embarrassing as it may be dull, flaky or even red. Worst of all, it is itchy and will damage your skin. The answer is to use a natural skin moisturizer. Natural Anti Aging Skin CareAfrican American hair is frizzy, dry and penetration of oil into the scalp is difficult. Therefore, this type of hair requires more care than other types of hair.

Natural specialty facial care products

Natural facial care products should be made of 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients normally used are herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers combined with natural preservatives. Ingredients extracted from plants and herbs which are grown without fertilizers is the definition of natural ingredients. Synthetic chemicals should not be included in the manufacture of natural products. The word natural has a considerable market value as public are concerned about the adverse effects of chemically made products.
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Night time skin repair
1 .3 oz. / 40 ml. glass jar with spatula. Read More

Mocha Loca

4% chocolate lactic acid peel  
1 .3 oz. / 40 ml. glass jar with spatula Read More

Cloud 9

Intensely protective moisture creme, 1.3 oz. / 40 ml. Glass jar with spatula Read More
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