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Kindersigns Career Kit
"What I love about KinderSigns is the ease with which your business can begin and the potential for success. Although, once certified, you are free to operate your business on your own you are by no means alone. KinderSigns offers unparalleled support to instructors and truly wants to help you succeed." – Leslie Lang, owner of Little Hands Talking

I love the freedom that Kindersigns gives. We are able to say that we have been trained by them, but have complete control over all our marketing and pricing. The name of my company is Baby Signers, and in just four months I have made a name for myself. I have been in five different local newspapers and CBC news did a story on myself, my son and the workshops that I conduct. - Jill Paron-St.Louis, Owner of Babysigners

I enjoy this business the most because I can make my own schedule and be home with my family, and I am helping people. Moving is a stressful time, and I like surprising them with the goodies that the sponsors provide as well as all the helpful information."

- Chrissy, Unknown Territory Welcoming Service

Bizyletter Career Kit
"Thanks so much for just having your site, without it I wouldn't be receiving emails like this one!  I have made back now everything I paid for the biz plus about 200.00 Canadian dollars, business is still booming and word of mouth has been AMAZING!!!

Thanks again"
- Lee-Ann Howes

Teleconference Calls

"I got so much more out of the teleconference because I was hearing a live person…I am anxious for more teleconferences. That was my first.

- Judith Moore

Bizymoms Newsletter

"I have a home business as a translator (Japanese to English) which was actually established before I subscribed to Bizymoms. However, your regular newsletters always remind me how lucky I am to be working from home and able to spend maximum time with my children. The messages are always an inspiration to stay focused and give my all to both my working and home life. Thank you."

- Kate Yamada (UK)

Rubberstamping Ebook
"I wanted to get this testimonial to you for the Rubberstamping ebook:

"I love to rubberstamp and I am graphic designer so I was looking for a way to combine both and found an excellent resource "Starting a Rubber Stamping Business" ebook by Melissa Duquette. It is easy to read and answered all of my questions! The best part about an ebook is being able to write all over the pages knowing that you can print out another one at any time! I also like taking certain pages with me as references, instead of having to carry around the whole book. Thanks!"

- Sheri Nicholas
St. Nicholas Notes, Graphic Design

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