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"Bizymoms is the inspiration for a group I have started called At-Home Mom Entrepreneurs.  I discovered Bizymoms about a year ago.  A business magazine recommended Liz's site.  Although I experienced stressful moments as I tried to balance the demands of motherhood and business,  I sincerely didn't think that a website would be that helpful to me.  I was wrong!  I have been supported by the stories of other mom entrepreneurs.  I look forward to receiving each informative and entertaining newsletter.  All of this motivated me to organize At-Home Mom Entrepreneurs.  We gather together once a month to discuss topics such as goal setting, marketing, and sales.  More importantly, we come together to help and support one another.  Thank you, Bizymoms, for all that you do."

"Thank Thank Thank........I take my hat off to this wonderful web site. I have found it easy to find products and information."

Kind Regards,
Bettina Jenkins Bathe(Author/Pilot/Mom/Wife)

"Bizymoms helped me when I was a newbie back in 1999; literally teaching me from scratch! I found Bizymoms after reading a few of her articles on various websites. Since it was all new, in business I suffered a lot of trail and error. After quitting, I got the courage to get back in the game. Five years later I started a new business and have rediscovered Liz's site. This time I joined one of the Bizymoms online chats. I received a lot of tips, insight and felt connected with others like me. It will save me probably thousands of dollars, not to mention happy customers!   I am glad that she is still around. When other moms and my relatives ask me how to start a business, one of the things I do is refer them to Liz."

Charmian Gutierrez, Mamafrenzy

"Hi Liz!

I just read the current issue of the newsletter and I would love to add my ".02 cents" on how Bizy Moms helped me. In a nutshell, if it wasn't for Bizy Moms I wouldn't have a successful home business! I give Bizy Moms all the credit in the world for getting me where I am today. I found the right home business for me while on Bizy Moms. I learned all about how to start a business, from making a business plan to marketing, all on Bizy Moms. I have made many friends as a result of Bizy Moms. If it wasn't for Bizy Moms I wouldn't be where I am today. I would probably still be searching the Internet for something I could do from home, and probably getting "taken" over and over again by businesses that promise you the world but deliver NOTHING. Bizy Moms helped me realize that I didn't have to work for someone else, that I could be my own boss and do my own thing.

Bizy Moms is a wealth of information, and even though I might not post on a daily basis, I still come to the site at least 3-4 times a day and read up on any new posts. And even though I have an established business and I'm doing well, I still find that there is so much about having a home business that I still need to learn and I know I can find out everything I need to know about having a successful business here on Bizy Moms.

I am so grateful for all the help and support that I got from the folks at Bizy Moms that I now refer every "newbie" I come across to this site. I tell them all about the message boards and encourage them to take part of the chat sessions too.

If it wasn't for Bizy Moms I wouldn't have a successful home business today!"

- Kimberly V.

"Great Site...I always learn so much. This site has prepared me for my new business career.

– Lodema Lines

"I really enjoyed this web site. I was amazed with all the resources I came across. I will tell my friends about this site I know they will love it."

- Shanelle Gayden

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