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Introduction to Master's Degree in Technology

Technology Master's degree programs are considered among the best degree courses that provide comprehensive knowledge and training to students in a specialized field of engineering technology. These programs allow the students to hone their technical skills and adapt and apply technical methods and systems to a variety of technologically oriented projects. There is a high value of a Technology Master's degree program in the job market because of the great demand for good technologists in various industries.

A candidate who successfully earns a Technology Master's degree is usually able to have a fast career growth. Those candidates who are already having job experience, receive excellent advancement opportunities to lead, guide and manage complicated engineering projects. Generally a Technology Master's degree program will be a combination of research-based learning in the laboratory and actual hands-on experience in the specific area of specialization.

The candidates who may be interested in a research-oriented career or an academic career may continue their studies even after earning a Technology Master's degree by pursuing a doctoral program. Within the industry also there are a large number of different options available to the candidates, depending upon their area of specialization.

Usually, the Engineering Technology Master's degree curriculum will consist of subjects such as Applied Statistics, Design and Construction, Project Admin, Engineering research, Materials and Structures, Production management, research methodologies, technological evaluation, among others.

Preferably, a student aspiring to pursue a Technology Master's degree must have a sound academic background in sciences, mathematics and experimental theories. Essentially, the program trains the students in the application and design of technologies for engineering, construction and operations.

Since technology is a wide and diversified field, it is generally required that the student pursuing a Technology Master's degree must specialize in a particular field such as Architectural engineering technology, Medical engineering technology, Construction engineering technology, Manufacturing engineering technology and others.

The course content of a Technology Master's degree program will generally include subjects like calculus, chemistry, Computer Aided Designing, Computer Aided Management, Engineering Physics, Computer Science, Mechanics, Materials Testing, among others. The job opportunities for a Master's degree holder in Technology can vary from sales engineering to project engineering to manufacturing technologies or research.

Regarding job prospects for the future for Technology Master's degree holders, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the employment opportunities for such technically qualified people should increase in the coming years. At the same time the earning potential for such candidates is also quite substantial, though it may vary depending upon a candidate’s specialty area and past job experience.

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