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Welcome to the Bizymoms Master's Degrees Section. In this section you will find just about everything you need to know about Master's Degrees, what they are and how to choose them. A person who holds a Master's Degree is able to command higher positions in their career field and take on more responsibilities, and in turn able to command a higher pay rate as well.

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Master's of Finance - How to find a program that is right for you?

Master's of Finance is one of the most coveted degrees if you are interested in advancing your career in the field of finance. But before you choose a Master's of Finance program, you ought to evaluate all the options available before you, and make sure you choose the program that is best suited for you.

If you have an inclination towards the financial transactions and dealings, you can do well with a career in finance. As a finance manager you will be in a position to involve yourself in every financial aspect of the business organization, including financial plan and financial strategy, investment decisions, fund and cash flow management, raising low cost finance from various sources, and optimization of the available financial resources. For such a job profile, usually the minimum requirement in the industry is Master's of Finance because of the depth of knowledge and understanding of finance that you gain through this program.

The other suitable program in the field of finance is Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in finance, or a doctoral degree in finance. To gain entry in a doctoral program, getting Master's of Finance is a pre-condition. A doctoral program is suitable if you are interested in the field of research and academic teaching in the area of finance. Where as a business administration degree with specialization in finance will equip more towards the management and investment decision-making. Even a Bachelor’s degree in finance provides you an entry into a career in finance, but in the long run this degree alone cannot equip for your senior level finance jobs that require a sharp comprehension of all the financial aspects of business.

Therefore, you need to consider all these options carefully before choosing what is the most suitable program for you. A Master's of Finance program is usually focused on finance, accounting, economics and econometrics. It will mostly include subjects like financial management, financial analysis, corporate policy, econometrics, investment management, financial ethics and financial governance.

In comparison to a Master's of Finance, an MBA with finance specialization deals with financial planning, and its various subjects may include corporate law, corporate writing, corporate finance, financial institutions, MIS, Accounting basics, Advanced marketing, Money markets, Capital markets, Portfolio management, Macro-economic issues, Micro-economic principles, and various issues facing the business organization.

Therefore, a candidate must evaluate the course contents and expect job profiles under various options before selecting a program that matches with his goals most closely.

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