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Master's degree in Counseling - How to find a program that is right for you?

Master’s degree in Counseling is an ideal program for the aspirants who have a basic educational background in psychology, and who have a keen aptitude for studying human behavior. The program equips the students with detailed insights into human psyche, human behavior and various states of mind. It deals with why a particular human being behaves in a particular manner in a particular situation.

Psychology is such a complex and vast field that usually a bachelor’s degree is not enough in this area. A master’s degree at least gives you a strong standing in terms of getting good job opportunities. Though some students even like to pursue the study further by undertaking doctoral programs in psychology later on.

There are various options for a student in terms of programs when he or she decides to go for a master’s degree in counseling. Some of the best options available are as follows:

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts Online Counseling Psychology
Master of Business Administration – Organizational Psychology
Master of Psychology
Master of Science in Psychology

If you have an inclination to make a career in counseling, and are satisfied to work with institutions such as schools, hospitals or churches, then a master’s in Psychology is the right program for you. Here again, you need to choose a specialization or program focus of your liking. Various specializations on offer include abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, history and systems in psychology, memory and cognitive ability, organizational psychology, physiological psychology and several others.

The online version of this program helps you to continue your existing occupation, along with acquiring a degree online. This is of great benefit for those candidates who would prefer to take up a new job or continue with their existing occupation, while upgrading their qualifications to a Master's level at the same time.

An MBA in Organization Psychology is ideal for such candidates who are interested in making a corporate career in the field of advertising management, marketing and sales department, law, or even psychiatry or education related fields.

The other popular program deals with counseling psychology where the students get an opportunity to learn the basic skills required in counseling, the processes involved in counseling, and the various theories of counseling. Here usually the professional has to deal with families, married couples, individuals and kids who may be in need of counseling support for any reasons.

So for the student it is important to evaluate all available program options, and choose the one that is most appealing and suitable to him or her at a personal level. 

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