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Master's Degree in Accounting - What you need to know when selecting a university

A Master’s degree in Accounting will put you in a strong position for a professional career in accounting. A professional accountant’s job involves various tasks, and the key one is to maintain and audit the financial records of a company. Apart from that, a professional accountant will usually deal with taxation issues, depositing tax payments on time, and bringing cost efficiencies in the business organization.

But a degree alone is not enough by itself to put you at the top in a competitive career where there are many others who are equally competent and vying for the best available career opportunities. It is equally important to ensure that the degree is acquired from a good university that has a competent faculty and best facilities for delivering a high quality of education and training.

While choosing the university for your master’s program, it is important to consider various factors. Accounting is a vast field therefore a Master's degree in Accounting will usually offer specialization in different specialty areas of accounting. Different universities and colleges offer different specialty programs. So you need to select the university that is offering the most appropriate program for your purpose.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, basic accounting, bookkeeping and auditing jobs are some of the most common jobs available in the field. There is a constant demand for accountants, bookkeepers and auditors in most industries. So any university that is offering a good master’s program in accounting in these specialty areas will be usually preferred by most candidates.

For example, the University of Illinois is one of the top ranking colleges for accounting, having one of the best accounting programs in the country. Therefore, the candidates must seek a university that has achieved recognition and enjoys a strong reputation in the area of accounting.

Furthermore, while selecting a university for your Master’s degree in Accounting, it is also important to check out the faculty profile, particularly for the specialty accounting area that you are looking to pursue. It is also useful to know the faculty-student ratio while making your decision about a particular university.

Thereafter, additional factors such as the cost of fees, the duration of the course and the location of the college will also influence your selection decision significantly. Taking all factors into account carefully, the candidate must make the right decision regarding the choice of course and the choice of college. These are the decisions that are usually irreversible, and determine the future course of your career and life. Therefore they must be taken most judiciously and with lot of deliberation.

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