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Natural beauty secrets from ancient history!

We all want to look nice…big or small, young or old. But let’s not get carried away and make the wrong choices out of desperation. Did you know that the easiest and the most solid path to beauty is through natural beauty care? Natural beauty care secrets have been long used from Cleopatra’s time! Now you too can get all that beauty in just one bottle! Sircuit Weapon, a powerful weapon equipped with botanical artillery of course, gathers the essence of many all natural ingredients that have been the secret behind beauty since ancient history - all in just one bottle! Surely you need no more persuasion to use Sircuit Weapon.

The history of natural and organic cosmetics

natural and organic cosmetics
Your complextion will thank you and we thank you !

Sircuit Weapon™ is powerful stuff, formulated with concentrated botanicals designed to help encourage a more youthful, radiant appearance. This super charged formula of 10% Phyto-Alexin-C Compound is composed of advanced 10% L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Resveratrol, and Polydatin, which are Phytoalexins found in red wine. Phytoalexins help to spare the skin from environmental stress. Deeply replenishing L- Sodium Hyaluronate re-hydrates your complexion resulting in a radiant, healthy glow improving your skins resilience and tone. Put the power of science on your side reviving your skins clarity only to look younger and more beautiful as the result. Now who wouldn’t want that? Bestseller!
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Natural and organic cosmetics were used in ancient times. There is mention of cosmetics in the Bible. Many religious rituals insist on use of various scents or essences and natural colors from plant extracts. These traditions from ancient times are proof of a very resourceful peoples of various cultures who knew the usefulness of natural cosmetic ingredients. The Egyptians during Queen Cleopatra’s time were experts in natural and organic makeup products. Most of these products had an antiseptic, therapeutic and medical value to them, as well.

They knew the usefulness of milk baths for beautiful and healthy skin. They used oils massaged in o the scalp for luscious hair. The therapeutic massages also helped retain the color. Henna in various stages and colors were used to give hair a glow, as well as to tattoo designs on the body. Tattoos were popular especially on the hands, nails and feet. Scents were developed for personal hygiene as well as religious rituals. Most of these scents acted as an antiseptic, as well as an insect repellent.

Another discovery by the ancient Egyptians is mesdemet made out of lead ore and copper. Used as “eyeliner” in black and “eye shadow” in green, this concoction acted as an insect repellent while warding off “evil spirits."

Kohl made out of “ash” colored copper ore, burnt almonds, oxidized copper, and ochre was also used as “eyeliner." Applied around the eye to enhance the shape, kohl gave the face a dramatic look. A mixture of red clay and water was used to redden the lips and cheeks. There were exfoliants made of oatmeal and bran, as well as crushed seeds. A common pumice stone can still be purchased and used as a body scrub today. Various fruit extracts mixed with oils were used to salve the lips while giving it color. Salt was another product used in combination with plant extracts as a cleanser and for medical purposes.

Rich honey in combination with crushed almonds was used as a moisturizer and would help fade scars and even stretch marks. New mothers revered this concoction and its soothing properties.

Natural cosmetics have been chemically enhanced today and their negative effects far outweigh the positive. Therefore, a quick turn-about in the direction of the cosmetic industry is noted. Brand names are fighting to highlight the “natural” ingredients and are turning to history to make their product the most “organic” product available in the market. Ancient Egypt had chemists dedicated by Queen Cleopatra to the cause of mixing “potions." Their discoveries will no doubt be re-used by today’s cosmetic giants for natural and organic products.

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