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Becoming A Notary Public

If you want to work at home, open a mobile notary public business, or work in any office that could use a notary on duty during the hours you want to work, you might enjoy this job of a notary public.

However, initially, you need to pass a state examination to become a commissioned Notary Public. For this examination you will definitely need a correspondence, online, or classroom training course to prepare you sufficiently. Your course should have an in-class practical application workshop included. Make sure the instructor is an active Commissioned Notary Public. Courses run around $120 or more and usually are short. Check the professional development courses in extended study programs of your local universities.

Make sure the school you pick actually prepares you to take your state's exam to commission you as a Notary Public. You may also try the lists of schools accredited in your area to offer such training or inquire at for any information of future course offerings. Your state may need professional Notaries. So prepare to take your state's exam, and acquire a skill that you can use in many ways when you pass the exam. The training may even lead to further study of related occupations. It's a start and a possible business or new career.

Once you have passed the examination and become a Notary Public, it is important for you to know that, there's a growing need for Notary Publics in the financial, real estate, business, insurance, title insurance, law, and business professions.

Banks and even some nursing homes and hospitals have Notary Publics on call. You can work at home, rent office space in someone else's office, or work for a company, such as a finance firm, bank, or any other business office that will rent you desk and phone space. Your advertising effort can go online. Further, you can combine a Notary career with an office administration career or legal assistant's duties.

With regard to the job description of a Notary Public, a Notary Public protects his or her employer's business and is trained to detect fraud. You can even combine being a Notary Public with another occupation from handwriting analysis to real estate sales, financial planning, or insurance claims. Or work alone as a Notary Public on call, working your hours, coming to people's homes or offices, or setting up an office at home or even in a kiosk in a public place, like an airport, financial district mall, or retirement complex.

What you'll need in this effort in being a Notary Public is instruction in your state's codes pertaining to notary practices. You need to be able to identify and document parties connected with legal documents. You'll need to learn about work environment relationships and combine your career with office administration process revisions. You need to study bonding and insurance requirements because you need to be bonded and carry insurance if you're working as an independent contractor. You don't want to be liable for false signatures, so you need liability insurance. You'll need to learn about jury service and acknowledgments. You need training in wills and powers of attorney. You need to know about federal document restrictions. You'll learn all this in a short course, usually a one day course in a school of Notary Public training.

You'll have to learn what other Notary Publics charge as competitive fees. And you'll have to learn about misconduct and penalties, oaths and affirmations, and deposition proceedings. People asked to sign in front of you take an oath that they are telling the truth and that the signatures before you are real and true signatures, so you'll need to know those procedures.

Finally, one of the great points about being a Notary Public is that nobody can tell you you're too old to work as long as you're able to pass the exam and get commissioned. You can set up your own business and work when you want.

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