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Before Starting A Lawn Care Business


By Jack Greenwood

Whether you are interested in a career change or earning a few extra hundreds dollars (part time) each month, a lawn care business is a very viable way to achieve your goal. The lawn care industry is considered a near recession-proof industry. Regardless of the economic conditions, millions of lawns in the residential and commercial sectors require various degrees of maintenance on a regular and on-going basis.

Before you take the plunge of starting your own lawn care business, here are a few basic requirements that you need to know first.

1. Better than average skills.

You have to be better than average in your basic lawn care skills such as mowing, trimming and pruning. You may want to consider attending some garden maintenance or advanced lawn care courses to upgrade your skills if necessary. You only have one chance to impress your potential customers that you are worth the money.

2. High degree of self-discipline

Self-discipline is an important trait for any entrepreneur. You will be faced with many distractions such as going to the beach on a nice summer day. You must be able to resist the temptation of heading off for some fun or work on other personal tasks before servicing your clients in any circumstances. Your reputation is everything. Do not put it at risk if you are in for the long haul.

3. Physically fit and healthy

Lawn care can be rigorous and thus you need to be physically fit. From time to time, you will have to lift heavy equipment on and off trailers or labor under the hot sun for a few hours. In short, you need to stay fit to stay in business.

4. Be business savvy

As a businessman, you have to learn how to administer cash flow, project planning, scheduling, and launching a marketing campaign. You also have to prospect for new businesses on a regular basis as well as handle customers’ complaint and inquiries. In addition, you have to put in survival plan for the winter months where the demand for lawn care is at its lowest. If you are a sole proprietor, then you will need to handle administration task such as tax filing, insurance and other financing matters.

While there are many challenges in starting your own business, the rewards can be even greater. Imagine working at your own pace and at any time during the regular daylight hours. Once your business starts to grown and you have a steady stream of monthly income, you can hire an assistant or two to help you. You can use the extra free time to prospect for more clients or take a well-deserved break and spend time with your family and friends. Remember that there is no income limit when you have your own business. The sky is the limit!

Jack Greenwood is the webmaster of which provide information on lawn care and lawn care business tips. Sign up for a free 7-part Green Lawn Care mini course at today.

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