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First Aid for Kids Dental Emergencies Lakeville
First Aid for Kids' Dental Emergencies
If you have kids, then you have a good idea about emergencies. With kids, you will have to face all sorts of emergencies and dental related emergencies are one of them. As we know, dental problems can bring about a lot of pain to children or adults, for that matter. Hence, as a parent, knowing temporary remedies for kids dental emergencies will be a huge help in those painful situations.
The following paragraphs will provide numerous remedies or first aid for a variety of kids’ dental emergencies.
Toothaches are one of the most common types of dental emergencies in children. Caused due to bacterial cavities or food particles getting stuck in between teeth and gums, toothaches can be one of the most painful experiences for kids and adults alike. In order to treat such a toothache, you can start by cleaning the area of the affected tooth. You can use warm salt water or dental floss to take out any food particles stuck between teeth and gums.
To kill the pain, you can give the child acetaminophen (Tylenol) until you consult a dentist. Make sure to give your child only this medication since applying aspirin on the affected area is highly discouraged by dentists.
If your child, by accident, bites himself, or suffers a cut lip while playing, you can provide relief by keeping ice on the affected areas. If this cut has caused bleeding, then try applying adequate and soft pressure on the area so that the bleeding will stop eventually. If you are unable to stop the bleeding or if it doesn’t stop within 15 minutes, take your child to the ER.
Broken Tooth
There are some situations where your child might injure one his teeth by breaking parts of it. In such an instance, the entire tooth will not fall off but half of it might break off. To treat this, firstly, you can clean the affected area with water. Next, place cold packs on the affected face area. If you can find the broken parts of the tooth, collect them and take your child to the dentist as soon as possible.
Permanent Tooth Loss
It’s a common thing to see parents panic when their children lose a permanent tooth as a result of some accident. But the correct course of action is not to panic but to stay calm. Staying calm, try your best find and recover the fallen off tooth and reinsert it if possible. When you are trying to reinsert it, make sure to rinse the tooth holding from the top part of it. Never try to hold the tooth from its root areas. Then carefully, insert the tooth back into the socket and have your child bite on some clean gauze so that the pressure will help to hold the tooth in its place.
If you finding it hard to insert it to the socket, then have the tooth in a cup of water or milk and take your child and the tooth to a dentist immediately. Keep in mind that time is a key factor when you are trying to reinsert a permanent tooth.
If you can’t find a dentist at the time the accident happens, take your child to the ER. They will be able to save the tooth until the dentist sees your child.
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