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Children are the "key ingredient" in changing the way Americans eat.
It is our commitment at Batter Up Kids to develop recipes and culinary
programs which encourage children to participate and celebrate
the joys of cooking.
About Barbara Beery
Founder, Batter Up Kids Cooking Shop | Cookbook Author | Spokesperson
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Tips from the Kitchen of Barbara Beery and Batter Up Kids Cooking Shop

Every Bizymom knows that the benefits of teaching children to cook are numerous, but the most important one is spending quality time at home with your children. Cooking is highly creative, non-competitive and gives children a big helping of self-esteem. Some other good reasons for cooking with your children include:

It’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Children who are encouraged to be a part of meal planning and preparation will take a personal interest and ownership in whatever they help make.
  • They will be more receptive to sampling new and different foods if they’ve had a hand in the preparation.
  • Motivating children to cook gives them nutritional knowledge which enables them to develop lifelong good eating habits.
  • Teaching children to cook creates good memories with family, and that is the most precious ingredient of all.

It’s a life skill:

We all need to eat...it’s a great experience to learn to cook for yourself and others.
It equips a child with skills and knowledge that they will use and benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Reading, writing, arithmetic

  • Children increase their vocabulary by reading recipes thus increasing their reading skills.
  • They learn different math concepts from measuring to learning about fractions and conversions.
  • Cooking is all about science. Hypothesis, prediction and outcome skills are honed in every recipe made.
  • Every food has a history, where did it begin, how did it get started, where did the name originate? This also brings in geography. What part of the world did the recipe originate, what produce grew well in that particular region, do the recipes of that area reflect the produce which was plentiful?

Great for self-esteem

  • In how many extra-curricular activities may a child participate and become an instant success? Just one...Cooking!
  • It takes many piano lessons to play a beautiful piece on the piano, lots of ballet lessons to understand all the positions and work them correctly, and many after school soccer practices until you understand how the game is played. But all it takes is one cooking lesson to be accomplished and complete the recipe with success.
  • Follow a recipe from start to finish, have a delicious treat to eat as your reward, and you have become an expert on that recipe.
  • Cooking is self-gratifying, extremely creative and an ideal activity for all children.

Let’s Get Kids in the Kitchen!

  • Cook up some fun in your very own kitchen and see what you will learn!
  • Kids are more apt to trying new foods if they have a hand in preparing them. Even the most finicky eaters will feel good about the foods they make and will want to try every one of their masterpieces.
  • Cooking at an early age establishes healthy eating habits, especially when your child cooks with nutritious ingredients. It's important to have these healthy items on hand: fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and whole grains. Inviting your kids into the kitchen to help cook promotes working together, gets the dinner on the table faster, and, most importantly, creates family memories.
  • Kids get a lesson in all of their subjects when cooking.
    Following a recipe helps kids become familiar with different units of measure.
    Cooking helps kids learn new words and their meanings, such as 'dice', 'fold' and 'cut in'.
  • Experimenting with different ingredients and discovering flavors that complement each other allows kids to practice their science skills. Watching the combination of yeast, sugar and warm water…a miracle in itself!
  • Family recipes have a history and origin. Sharing those traditional family recipes with your children will give each dish special meaning.
  • While you're cooking, give your child a task. Whether it's lightly stirring a few ingredients or helping decorate holiday cookies, your child will gain a little independence, which will increase his or her self-esteem!
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