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About Employment for Women:

There are many great jobs for women because of their special skills and talents. They can sometimes understand certain jobs better than men. Having a job and holding on to it is vital in these times of economic instability and uncertainty.

Employment for women

Who dominated the world job market twenty years back? The answer is simple. It was the males for sure, but now, things are changing and more women are moving into the job market. In the early days, women were supposed to play only the roles of daughter, wife, and/or mother, but this situation has changed drastically with the changing world environment and change in thinking.


It is without a doubt true that women are as competent as the males and are highly talented. This is the main reason why we find a lot of women in topnotch and white-collar jobs today. This article therefore aims to explain employment for women and the ways in which they are safeguarded at the workplace.


Most firms go onto hire young ladies before they get married so that they have less family commitments, plus because they are energetic. Female employees are traditionally supposed to be the best in professions such as Nursing, Teaching, and Care-taking. These professions were conventionally branded feminine. However, as said earlier, their competencies and talent have made us think twice and this is why we find many women in managerial and executive jobs.


No matter how talented and skilled women are when it comes to working in a job, there are plenty of challenges and threats that they have to face. One is where women will be given less priority in selection when they walk in for interviews, since men think that women are the weaker sex and are not competent enough to face the challenges and deadlines posed by the job. Another problem is where there would be sexual harassment or teasing of females.


Due to the above said problems, the government and authorities of almost every developed and developing country have passed laws and legislations so as to safeguard women from these threats. One such law is the Equal Opportunities Act, which ensures that women are treated equally and fairly at the workplace. Another legislation passed by many governments is the Sex Discrimination Act and the Sexual Harassment Act, which ensures that women are not discriminated based on their gender and are not harassed in the workplace.


Since the following Acts are passed by most governments and authorities, the challenges and threats that women face are reduced by a huge extent. Employers now give the same attention and regard to women and ensure that they are treated with equity, impartiality and fairness.


With all those facts at hand, some people still criticize this since they believe that if women too start to work, activities at home such as taking care of the children and keeping the home clean and safe will be avoided and foregone. This is thought to have a negative impact on household life.


Another criticism is that women are usually tough to deal with since they are less flexible compared to men. Hence, most people dislike dealing and working with their opposite gender.


However, it is true that as women have joined the workforce, their efforts have massively contributed to the financial well-being of their families. It is also true that their contribution and efforts have helped increase every country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a whole.

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