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About How to Set Goals in a Non Profit Organization:

Read about strategic planning for nonprofit organizations and what type of work they are allowed to carry out. There are many ways a non profit can operate and carry out their duties which help people around the world in a variety of different fields.

How to Set Goals in a Non Profit Organization:strategic planning for nonprofit organizations

Non-profit organizations function for different purposes, whether be charitable, educational, literary, scientific or humanitarian. Therefore, when forming a non-profit organization, the mission statement should take pride and place in the organization. The mission statement will describe the purpose of the organization. The purpose can be wide and varied, ranging from one sentence to several paragraphs. However it is better not to make it unnecessarily lengthy. 


The mission statement is usually based on the passion of the group of people forming the non-profit organization. It is important that the directors of the organization share the same passion, as monetary benefits in such organizations are limited and may not even be any, as some may work on a voluntary basis. The benefits far surpass the financial gains one enjoys when working for remuneration. 


The mission statement will indicate the proposed benefits to the beneficiaries. Once the purpose and the benefits are defined, then one needs to list out ways and means to achieve this goal in a manner that is defined by the organization. The time span required to achieve this goal should also be indicated and whether this would be on a one off situation or with the idea of continuance of these objectives. If so, the organization structure should be formed and incorporated in a manner that the present board of members of the organization is protected when they are no longer involved with the organization. 


Before proceeding to set goals, find out state and country laws that govern the type of organization being planned. This is an important aspect in order to avoid legal issues with the government. 


Equally important is to formulate a plan for the organization to be financially viable. Initially, it may be possible to fund the organization through other support groups, organizations or individuals, but this may not be possible continuously and therefore goals have to be set for finding ways and means for the organization to be financially independent. 


To achieve this purpose, the manpower requirement should also be taken into account. Ideally, find volunteers who are willing to give their time and knowledge to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Not all are able to support financially and you may be surprised at how many people will be willing to volunteer for a worthy cause. It is equally important that proper objectives and goals are set for the staff. Volunteers should have enough commitment to accept the goals and challenges in the same way as a paid employee. It might at times be prudent to work with an already established non-profit partner organization, if you do not have the financial or the man power resources to set up the required goals to achieve the objectives. 


Mission statement can be expanded as the goals and objectives become clearer and the organization is capable of expanding beyond their initial scope. 


By following a methodical and organized structure, setting goals in a non-profit organization can be a very

straightforward and simple task

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