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About family get together:

Plan a family get together to interact with relatives that you may not see on a regular basis. You can even make this type of event planning your career. Having a job and holding on to it is vital in these times of economic instability and uncertainty.

Planning a Family Get-Together

A Family get-together is always fun and memorable. Therefore, it should be organized to perfection. This is one event that your entire family and extended family get to meet and make an appearance, Lost relatives are found, new babies are introduced, weddings are being announced, who and who is expecting their first child, who is living where and who moved into a new home, a trip down memory lane of a lost relative are some of the news, gossip and topics of conversation that are shared at family get-togethers.


If you are Planning a Family Get-Together for your family or some one else’s the family, make sure you look into every minute detail as families will criticize each other, and the hostess will always try to impress the rest of the family with a well organized get-together. These get-togethers are planned on an annual basis in some families and in others as and when the need arises.


Tips on making family get-together successful


Make list of the invitees with their contact details

Decide on the venue

Decide on a theme, this will be much easier to organize

Send all invitations out well in advance, as the mail is very slow during the festive season

Make a list of the food preference , especially allergies

Have plenty of food for the kids

Have plenty of entertainments planned

It’s a family affair therefore lots of activities for groups should be organized

Have a separate area for the kids, so that the adults can enjoy and the kids can stay out of the way

Have someone entertain the kids and keep and eye on them

Avoid any reason for conflict among the family members as usually after a few alcoholic beverages, nasty and offensive remarks will be made.

Have some impressive décor and something for the women to talk about.

Have a chauffer at hand to drive those difficult relatives home.

Have thank you notes and bags with a few goodies for the ladies and the kids.

Make sure you have something for everyone to do.

Organize a photographer and take plenty of pictures with all the relatives. You can make copies for those who require.

Organize a raffle draw and a prize for the best dressed couple and games that are funny and enjoyable

Have plenty of music and a dance floor.

Try to oblige if relatives are keen on bringing some food or dessert.

Have someone collect any flowers or gifts brought, at the door

If there is family travelling from another country or state organize the tickets, accommodation and transportation.

Appoint and have a brief idea who will chair the next family reunion


Now hostesses don’t have to go through the stress of organizing a family get-together. Simply hand it over to an event planner, who will make your dream a reality.


If you are small time event planner and you are given the opportunity to organize a family get-together, use this opportunity as free advertising to make it big.
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