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About Why Non Profit Organizations Exist:

Learn about funding for non profit organizations and where the money comes from to help them operate. There are many ways a non profit can operate and carry out their duties which help people around the world in a variety of different fields.

Why Non Profit Organizations Exist:funding for non profit organizations

Non profit organizations are organizations formed to serve the public and functions without the purpose of achieving profits. However these organizations may have profitable ventures, which could be used for the functioning of the organization. These organizations are usually not taxable, but may differ from country to country, where sometimes they may be charged taxes on finances received. 


Non profit organizations are very common in religious organizations. Some churches may divert some of their money to a non-profit organization which is used for charitable purposes. These organizations may be funded by well wishers who share the same vision, or maybe because they want to make use of the tax benefit. These organizations are seen to work tirelessly on humanitarian work on their own countries and also on other parts of the world.  Their motivation is based on the teachings of the scripture which speaks emphatically on being charitable to the less fortunate. True Christians are very sensitive of being obedient to this belief. They are seen working in the inner cities, in prisons and other areas populated with drugs, crime and sex. Their outreach work extends beyond the boundaries of their own country, and they work tirelessly in conditions that are far from comfortable. Yet, because of their love for their Lord they would make many sacrifices to help uplift social and economic standards. These organizations are not limited to Christian organizations or any faith based organizations. Some corporate organizations divert part of their profits towards social responsibility. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates are two eminent personalities with large corporations who work towards the cause of humanity. Their work in Africa is well known. There are many non-profit organizations funded by governments, private sector and individuals, with the intention of making the world a better place for all mankind. The tsunami which was experienced in Asia saw non-profit organizations from all over the world rushing to affected countries to help, with immediate humanitarian relief to long term relief. 


Some non-profit organizations support the cause of children, providing shelter, home and education for every unfortunate child. They support orphanages or even children who are living with both parents but are economically bleak. Some of these organizations fight against abuse for children and animals. 


Art and culture which is a heritage, and unless promoted and kept alive, it can become extinct. This is yet another cause supported by non-profit organizations. 


Non-profit organizations also support the cause of sports, as there are never sufficient resources available and the need is always felt in society. 


Whatever the purpose maybe, non-profit organizations usually support worthy causes. Some of the employees work on a voluntary basis to fulfill the goal and motto of each organization. Non-profit organizations support various different purposes, which eventually leads to betterment of humanity. 

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